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Eeekk!!! Laundry disaster!!!

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tabbycat7 Sat 30-Mar-13 16:48:56

One of the DSes has left wax crayons in his pocket. I've just got a load out of the tumble dryer and several things are ruined, blue and red and yellow all over them. I found the paper from the crayons also in the tumble tryer. What do I do? Can I save the clothes? How do I clean the tumble dryer? Please help me!! Or my laundry will take over my house -again-

Ta smile

littlejo67 Sun 31-Mar-13 11:12:41

Take of removable bits on clothes and rewash on highest setting your clothes will cope with. If you have any vanish use on the marks or put wet powder on stains and mush in. If it doesn't come out try ironing the marks with a cotton tea towel on top to melt the grease into it. You may have to do it all a few times as the grease stain left behind will be a trial to get rid of.
With the tumble use a scoured to remove then put some old wet towels in in a hot cycle. You will just have to keep doing this till its sorted. You have my sympathies. I have had same problem twice with a biro left in in a white shirt pocket and the my son put it all in the tumble. It was a tear inducing mess!

tabbycat7 Fri 05-Apr-13 15:41:52

Thanks for that! I only remembered today that I had posted this as my washing machine has now packed up sad

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