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How much storage space do you have?

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DTisMYdoctor Mon 18-Mar-13 22:20:59

Not sure - DH is a 10 I think and those fit. In DS's room we have t trofast storage (2 x low level ones pushed together so double as a play table) and 3 bookcases (he has a mid sleeper so they fit underneath).

Imlostwithoutahope Mon 18-Mar-13 21:36:47

Dtismtdoctor-would it fit dh size 11s though?

I'm really brutal and throw anything unused but the kids and dh hoard. They go through the bins if I have a sort out nd safe it.

I filled the playroom with cupboards but bought the square ones and so stuff like coats/ Hoover etc don't fit there. I've got one cupboard with slow cooker/Xmas dinner set, 9 squares filled with toys/games, 2with art stuff,2 with cookery books then 2 with CDs.

However bigger toys like dds dolls pram,high hairs,camper van etc don't it in there so that's on the floor.

My spare room upstairs stores ironing board, airing horse, washing basket. I like printing my photos so do have four draws full of albums. There's also a built in cupboard which is shelved from floor to ceiling and stores all of dhs DVDs. I've tried to convince him to stop buying films but he insists DVDs are better than downloads. My linen is in boxes under beds along with shoes, hair tongs etc. Our attic is just as bad, we have old tvs, sky boxes, fans, boxes of uni books, boxes of newspaper clippings, baby stuff, dhs childhood toys and the garage similar.

What I need is a skip to be delivered when dc and dh aren't here and a massive sort out. The only thing I have in the house are cookery books and photo albums the rest belongs to them.
What storage do your children have in their rooms. Mine have bookcase, wardrobe and set of draws. Maybe I can lose some toys and get storage for their bedrooms to house some toys and free up cupboards in the playroom.

DTisMYdoctor Sun 17-Mar-13 19:16:20

OP, for shoes, have you tried ikea for their shoe storage cupboards? Our hall is narrow (basically the width of the front door) and we got a really slim line cabinet which is secured to the wall - it takes up hardly any space but holds 8 pairs of shoes.

PoppyWearer Sun 17-Mar-13 17:32:09

We did sacrifice a dining room to become a study and then the original study became a utility room, off the kitchen. I bought two large metal rack shelves for it, some of which is food storage and the rest of which is full of DH's old sports kit, which he no longer bloody uses! It has just occurred to me that my linen could all live there if he chucked it away. Hmmm...

PoppyWearer Sun 17-Mar-13 17:27:57

My airing cupboard was lost a couple of years ago when the water tank developed a leak, was replaced, and the pipe work consumed the entire space in the cupboard above it. <glares at British Gas engineer>.

So now my linen lives either in a pile in our bedroom (towels) or in the loft, neither of which makes me happy hmm

We do have built-in wardrobes and cupboards but nowhere near enough for the size of house. I'm on a mission to make our loft more usable for paperwork and linen storage.

Potterer Sun 17-Mar-13 17:19:41

We had none, relatively new build house so I added it all. We converted the double garage into a playroom for the kids and I ran 4m of Ikea Pax wardrobes down one wall.

1 double contains the children's coats, hats, shoes, school bags and a load of toys. Another does the same for mine and DH's coats, bags, shoes, the other double houses the TV, wii, games, board games, lego etc. One single contains the hoover and dusting things and another single is for the children's toys.

If a toy doesn't fit in that wardrobe space something has to be passed on.

In the children's bedrooms they also have Ikea Pax wardrobes (I think we have 7 doubles and 9 singles in the house) I only have a hanging rail for uniform, everything else is in a plastic tub, so like a drawer inside the wardrobe. Each single wardrobe can house 8 tubs.

I have got brutal over the last few years, mainly because of how much the removal men charged me to move house considering how much stuff we had <looking at you DH hoarder boy>

My hall is also long and narrow so no storage, not even an under stair cupboard as it is the downstairs toilet.

Linen wise, we don't have loads, just one spare set per bed. I tend to strip a bed, put it all in the wash in one go (mine fills the washing machine, the children's go in together, then it gets dried and goes straight back on the bed.

Photo albums are in the loft, everything taken since 2003 when Ds1 was born is digital so we have it on Picassa on the lounge TV, by that I mean my TV screen is a giant computer screen grin I am typing on a wireless keyboard, all our DVD's have been put onto the computer so no boxes and boxes of them have to be stored. Dh is in IT can you tell? grin

I think you just have to get honest and brutal. I listened to a local charity talking about needing clothes and toys for children so I went through the children's stuff before Christmas to make room for the new stuff and donated to the charity.

noisytoys Sun 17-Mar-13 17:11:58

We have the loft for Christmas decorations, suitcases etc but we live in a first floor flat and are quite minimalist so we aren't overrun with stuff. Declutter regularly and have enough storage for stuff

WestieMamma Sun 17-Mar-13 16:29:30

We have tons of storage but no space to store anything. Our cellar has 6 rooms all used for storage and the attic (proper haunted house type with stairs up and a door at the top) runs the full length of the house and is also full (as is every other room in the house). It's one of the unexplained mysteries of the universe, how it doesn't matter how much storage you have, you never have enough storage. Your stuff just expands to fill the void.

Imlostwithoutahope Sun 17-Mar-13 11:17:38

I think we have a normal sized house but struggle massively with storage(not helped by dh hoarding) we have a playroom with wall to ceiling cupboards on one wall which houses toys,books,CDs,slow cooker, games etc. this room also has to store Hoover/pc. Downstairs we have no cupboards for any coats or shoes so the everyday coats are on hooks on the back of playroom door and shoes have to be stored in the bedrooms. My hallway is long and narrow so no room for any cupboards. Then upstairs we have three bedrooms. I have no where to store linen so that's in boxes under beds, Dh DVD collection is stored in a wardrobe, photo albums are in draws and ironing bord, iron, airing horse and all ther crap is stored in a bedroom.
What does everyone do with all their stuff? Do you have linen cupboards, storage cupboards etc.

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