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What housework have you done today?

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Cloudminnow Mon 18-Feb-13 14:22:21

Despite doing different things here and there e.g. laundry, cleaning loo, wiping down work tops etc, the house is still a mess. Have you got any tips for getting on top of housework? How would I do a spring clean, and if I did would that make day to day housework easier? Thanks.

Frostyfoxy Tue 19-Feb-13 12:54:25

Today I have, since ds and dh left for school/work:

In kitchen:
washed up dishes, dried and put away
cleaned counter tops
swept floor
put away Tesco delivery

In dining room:
swept floor
found dining table under a mountain of "art" and supplies!
hung up and put away random coats, scarves etc

In living room
found the floor under lots of toys

utility room
folded dry clothes from yesterdays wash
put on a wash
then hung it outside yay!
another wash on


Now I am having a bite to eat whilst MNing and then will tackle upstairs

Can you tell I have visitors later today??!! grin

drummerswife Tue 19-Feb-13 13:58:47

two loads of washing which i've hung outside
took dry clothes upstairs [will put away later]
made some chocolate cakes
loaded dishwasher

still to do
ironing [which i'll do whilst dd's at brownies]

Frostyfoxy Tue 19-Feb-13 15:17:52

Ok, so now I have:

hoovered through upstairs
put away clean washing
cleaned the bathroom including the floor
and hung another load of washing out

For once my house is tidy and presentable..... for 10 minutes till my ds and his friend arrive home from school to trash it again!! grin

Soditall Thu 21-Feb-13 11:33:10

Washed up from breakfast.
Deep cleaned all the sides and tiles,cleaned out the toaster and microwave.
Cleaned the fridge inside and out.
Cleaned the dogs and cats bowls.
Emptied and cleaned out the bathroom and kitchen bins and taken rubbish and recycling out.
Aired the bedrooms and made the beds.Tidied under the coffee table.
Done 5 loads of washing,3rd load on drying.
Stripped the dogs beds and washed them.
Cleaned the bathroom.
Swept,washed and dried bathroom and kitchen floors.
Cleaned the mirrors in the front room and bathroom.

Still need to hoover and dust downstairs.
Get two last lots of laundry dried,get laundry put away this evening.
Dogs bedding back onto beds.
Wash and dry nets.
Go through both freezers and organize them.

I want my husband to clean the windows inside and out and clean out the pets in cages/hutches,take some junk down the tip and clean the car inside and out and tidy out the shed.

Half term here and so far we've been out every single day for hours each day so I'm making the most of having a day at home today and catching up.

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