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dog had accident on my seagrass carpet please help!

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nickstmoritz Wed 06-Feb-13 12:29:53

oh yes, Bicarb that sounds a good idea thanks - I have hoovered off the salt and can see a stain but generally these dry off well with seagrass as I had it for years in our old house when the children were little and we had the odd spill. I will try bicarb tonight overnight too. Thanks Boffinmum

BoffinMum Wed 06-Feb-13 11:56:53

I think the main thing will be to make sure it doesn't shrink, so don't get it too wet.

I would clean it carefully and put a load of bicarb on it overnight, hoover it off, and see what happened in terms of smells.

nickstmoritz Wed 06-Feb-13 10:54:44

Anyone know what I can do? In a panic I have... removed offending poop and tried warm water and blotting, liquid persil /warm water and blotting and an old toothbrush then a spray of dettox then chucked a load of salt over it ( I have no idea if any of these are ok and I haven't hoovered up the salt yet) but is there ANYTHING that might sort this out. It is a fairly new carpet and we are quite careful with what the kids take in there foodwise but our wire foxy was not very well and has had an accident. I have read about something called Simple Solution which pet shops sell but has anyone tried this especially if you have seagrass.

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