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Are solid wood worktops easier to care for/bett than laminate worktops?

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Sunflower6 Sun 03-Feb-13 16:00:00

I need a new kitchen worktop. I've always lived in houses with laminate worktops. I fancy a beech worktop would a solid wood wood top be better than a laminate?

Are solid wood worktops easy to care for?do they mark easily?

sazpops Mon 04-Feb-13 12:15:20

Ooh, looks like I'm in a minority, but I loved the wood worktops in my last kitchen. Didn't have it by the sink though, just on the island unit (where I did all my food prep) and over the cupboards. I always used a trivet for hot pots and pans, but no other special care. I rubbed mine down and oiled it whenever it got too yukky looking - probably every 6 months on the island and once a year on the rest. By the time we left that house (kitchen about 6 years old), it had a few marks and scratches, but that added to the character IMO. Can't wait to do the kitchen in this house and am planning wood again.

Queenie72 Mon 04-Feb-13 12:18:06

We have wooden surfaces , look lovely but are
a total nightmare for stains and marks. My hubby is constantly noticing new stains oooops!!

DewDr0p Mon 04-Feb-13 15:06:43

I wouldn't go for wood either. But we did get a very nice posh squared off laminate from Alno kitchens which was ace. Not very laminate-looking at all.

My kitchen table has a granite top and it appears to be indestructible (touch wood! grin ) They do look lovely if you can afford it.

cerealqueen Mon 04-Feb-13 15:14:15

No, don't do it!!! hey looked beautiful when first put in with about six coats of oils. They mark easily, have to be oiled very regularly and this means worktop out of use. Nightmare round the sink area, just looks awful.

We have them, biggest regret, but could not have laminate with butler sink. I'm considering getting them tiled over, it can be done but no budget at the moment.

ceres Mon 04-Feb-13 15:48:43

wood here, looks great and easy peasy to look after. no stains/black marks at all.

best thing to use is a hard wax oil NOT linseed or danish. we use osmo but fiddes is meant to be good too.

cerealqueen Mon 04-Feb-13 20:44:22

Hard wax, tell us more ceres!

ceres Mon 04-Feb-13 21:40:46

cerealqueen - we have oak worktops which were originally oiled with linseed oil. we re-oiled them with linseed a few times, they were ok but never looked as good as when first installed; they went quite patchy.

we then tried danish oil but had pretty much the same problems. plus it turned the oak a horrible orange colour.

from googling i heard about osmo polyx hard wax oil. it is pricey but it has tranformed our worktops. i know i have seen others on here reccommend it also.

we sanded them back to get rid of the old oil finish and then gave then three coats of hard wax oil in a matt finish (also comes in satin). so easy to use in comparison to linseed or danish and gives a much nicer finish, no more orange oak!

we haven't had to re-coat yet but, according to the instructions, you don't have to sand before re-applying. it also says you can apply just to areas where it is needed so ideal if you find you have problems around the sink - just whack on an extra coat as needed. it is used for flooring so really durable.


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