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Support group for those trying to get their house sorted

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CatwantsaTidyHome Sun 03-Feb-13 05:32:03

Hi all, I know it's a crap title! I'm just fed up of living in an unorganized mess!

Tried to do Flylady but got sick of it, I need a less rigid way of sorting my house as and when the mood takes me. grin
I have paperwork chaos, tons of washing to get through and I find the washing up tedious! --so it tends to pile up--
Add to the mix 2 children and an untidy husband and I think you get the picture.

Anyone else living in Chaos want to join?
I won't get on here often but will try my best, Hoping there are others like me so we can support each other in trying to get sorted! smile

GreenLeafTea Thu 21-Mar-13 23:47:51

Maish, that made me laugh! My husband never comments on the house no matter how tidy or clean it is. He never helps either though.

I finished cleaning the kitchen!!! Just the living room to go now then the house will be clean and I can start on the decluttering.

maishoffwcingras Fri 22-Mar-13 10:38:55

My DH helps but I've noticed recently that he says things like 'I've cleaned the kitchen for you' hmm

well done on the kitchen. Everything gone pear shaped here as DD is ill so I'm spending all my time tending to her & washing the vomit drenched clothes/cushions/bed linen

GreenLeafTea Fri 22-Mar-13 11:52:38

I'm just cleaning up the remains of DS trying to make a banana milkshake without putting the lid on the mixer. The living room is getting worse and worse. It will be my next priority. I hooveres the hallway and cleaned the toilet and bathroom. My clean areas are clean my messy areas are very messy.

I hope your DD feels better soon. It's awful when little ones are sick.

vvviola Sun 24-Mar-13 11:03:15

DH & I had a screaming row about various things at the weekend including the state of the house. I'm currently alternating between teenage style "can't make me do it" and "crap, really need to get this stuff sorted" wink

I thought I was being clever, hanging washing out this evening (I'm at uni in the morning and the best drying is in the morning). It is currently absolutely thundering down with rain hmm.

But in positive things, despite my sulk (& my first period in over 2 years hmm ouch), I'm all prepared for the morning, the kitchen is sparkling & all the sheets & towels got changed & washed over the weekend.

PoppyWearer Sun 24-Mar-13 11:27:25

vvviola hmm. It sounds like you re making progress, but if something else in your life is a bigger priority at the moment than sorting out your house, I hope your DH understands that? I'm currently emerging from 6 months of poor health, some of which is resolved, some of which is ongoing, and DH has just had to suck up the state of the house in the meantime (given that he does feck all about it himself).

At least my DH had the good grace yesterday to say he could see progress has been made (he likes that our bedroom is tidy, even if he tends to use the floordrobe angry) AND he agreed to my plans for rearranging the playroom, so I must get on with ordering the stuff from Ikea for that.

I'm doing some laundry today, and some ebaying (some big clutter-up-the-place items have finally sold and will be departing the house today and over coming days, woop!) but that's all.

Plan for the week ahead is to sort the spare room for Easter visitors. Spare room is current dumping ground for surplus clothes and unsold stuff from last nearly-new sale, so I am hoping to take several bags to a charity shop, give lots away to friends, and then get the rest stored away in the loft or in boxes for ebaying.

vvviola Sun 24-Mar-13 19:46:07

To be fair to DH, PoppyWeaver, it was really one of those "you don't appreciate everything I do" conversations - on both sides. And the housework just got caught up in the whole thing. It's all good again - he let me choose a movie without using his veto once last night, so I think he was feeling bad that we'd fought wink

I actually left the house relatively tidy this morning - even got stuff in the dishwasher before I left. Miracles happen grin

GreenLeafTea Tue 26-Mar-13 03:43:55

Well done on the progress. It's so hard when you have kids as the mess is just so relentless.

Yesterday I finally cleared the mountain of stuff that has been sitting in the corner of my living room. It took me all day doing a bit at a time but it looks so good. I'm really pleased.

I've mostly been keeping on top of things.

Next up is kitchen shelf de-clutter then I have no excuses not to finish the room full of boxes.

goodjambadjar Tue 26-Mar-13 09:36:13

I have to hoover throughout today and clean the kitchen bathroom floors and sinks. I've got a nasty cold so don't relish the thought of strenuous activity. sad

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