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February Fledglings FLYing High

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BlueEyeshadow Wed 30-Jan-13 22:49:12

Welcome to the February Fledgling FLYers thread

... where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own, unique, relaxed style) with lots of wine and chatting along the way.

This little-and-often system is designed so that we can follow a series of steps and routines each day (which gradually become second nature) in weekly designated zones of the house; defining and minimising housework - which in theory should leave us with more time to do other, more interesting things instead!

At the same time it is intended to reduce that panicky "rabbit in headlights" feeling we get when we are overwhelmed and everything needs doing all at once.

To avoid being inundated with details, we advise not signing up to the Big Tent

We are in the process of following Flylady's steps and routines using a three-pronged approach (dependent on the stage everyone is at):

- start or repeat baby steps

- repeat baby steps + do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone

- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

[And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.]

Flylady site here

Don't worry if you are behind; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

All the links for the babysteps and missions will be posted here every day and we'll all be here to cheer each other on.

thanks to SC for leading us through January and for the brilliant OP I've just cut and pasted grin.

So come along in and park your dusters ready for Feb!

NickNacks Fri 15-Feb-13 18:11:06

Fucking hell bitchy!!

BitchyDragons Fri 15-Feb-13 18:36:53

<attempts badly to look innocent>
What'd I do?

ToffeeWhirl Fri 15-Feb-13 18:42:58

Bitchy - go and lie down NOW! <hands over wine>.

BitchyDragons Fri 15-Feb-13 19:45:52

Birth certificate found, now for the old passport hmm but that can wait until tomo!

Ta da
parcel up stuff for sending
panic at length of to do list
start the intake of caffine
sit down with pen and paper and plan this weekend coherently.
Panic a bit more
2 important phone calls
hand wash ds training kit - 3 sink loads of done
Have a toddler style temper tantrum when no one was looking.
Boil up hand warmers for use another time
Crawl into spare room and get stuck
5 x 15mins crocheting edging
15mins in spare room
Try to finalise plans for tomo
Wash comp stuff
sort through the odd sock bag of doom
start sorting the massive amounts of paperwork that needs dealing with (thus covering the dinning room table)
rescue paperwork mountain, that needs to be included in this sort out, from the office
Play hunt the paperwork around various rooms in the house so it is all gathered in one place for dealing with
figure out what files are needed with what dividers (feat of pen and paper planning)
wash my training kit (2x sink fulls)
Smile nicely for friends who are being terribly successful atm whilst secretly wanting just a tiny bit of luck to help turn things about
go through boxes and boxes of paperwork in a rough sort through and wonder if i am ever going to be fucking rid of the PGCE paperwork long timers will understand the trauma connected to this
Drink more coffee and wish it was something a lot stronger!!!!!
Behave and not tell the twat to fuck the fuck off.
Survive parent's evening
eat the chocolate that was left over from last easter and thus required eating.
Sort out ds' stuff for his wkend away
Sort through paperwork for camhs
Start deconstructing and reconstructing files.
Put ingredients into bread machine for pizza dough
Make and eat pizza
Put together financial records - hole punching and stapling still required
sort out work contracts file
And start to piece together new records in the memory book of hobby stuff in my head
Watch super bowl and delete
layout clothes ready for tomo

Couldn't be arsed to go get ice cream in the end. Was too stuffed from the pizza blushgrin

Notices toffee's earlier post and scarpers off to bed having set a shit load of alarms for tomo's unusually early start for a saturday

LillethTheCat Fri 15-Feb-13 19:57:01

<walks in completely pretending not to see Bitchy's list>

- made beds
- turned on washing machine
- dry laundry
- grocery shopping
- take laundry upstairs
- Wash up 2X
- Shine Sink
- Tidy front room once DCs in bed
- fill out a passport application (have got 4 to fill out before Tues so Im thinking one a day)
- read thread (put this here so I actually do it and can say hi to everyone properly)

tomorrows list
- make beds
- turned on washing machine
- 2nd load
- dry laundry
- take laundry upstairs
- Wash up 2X
- Shine Sink
- Tidy front room once DCs in bed
- fill out a passport application (have got 4 to fill out before Tues so Im thinking one a day)
- parkrun
- jigsaw with DD1 (or watch Lady and the Tramp with her)

Lovely weather today. If Id had more time I might have gone for a run, but Ive been a bit busy today plus Im planning on getting my arse to Parkrun tomorrow morning anyway. Hoping for a nice day Sunday so I can get out Sun afternoon. Would also like a nice day Wed so I can get out Wed morning, but Im not convinced Im gonna get it. Might have to swap a run for 2 sessions on the bike (I can't do more than 30 mins a time as its just so uncomfortable and it hurts my bum)

Picked up DS (and DD1) from school this aft and he was so hyper. Its the combination of half term and that it is his birthday on Wed so the school did something for him (there's less than 30 children in the whole school and birthdays are always celebrated). Ive never seen him come out of school that happy. He had a balloon that popped on the way home. He says it wasn't his fault, but he was the one swinging it about and catching it in a hedge where I assume it caught a sharp twig or something.

Anyway, sorry to hear you've not had a good day Bitchy even though you've got a HUGE list. We had to order another birth certificate for DD2 as we are ordering a passport for her soon. You can do it online now for about £12.

Welcome back LPlate Hope you can get some sort of routine sorted soon.

<waves to everyone else>

Hope we all have a good weekend

GoingGoingGoth Fri 15-Feb-13 21:13:20

* Done*
Dd ready & taken to school
Washing up
Scrubbed window ledge (where bird feeders sit)
Washed bird feeder
Emptied recycling
Washed recycling bag
Washed & changed litter tray
Gave bathroom full clean- all missions
Vacuumed flat
Washed kitchen & bathroom floor, by hand, mop head broke.
Hung washing outside
Tidied DD's room
Moved some shelving into unused built in wardrobe and reorganised craft & laundry stuff
Collected DD
Wash up & SS
Set up laundry for tomorrow

elliepac Fri 15-Feb-13 22:56:36

Bloody hell! I was coming on to proudly produce a huge ta da list. And then I saw bitchy's list and goth's a close second. I shall refrain from posting my tiddly in comparison list.grin.

I shall summarise by saying I have cleaned downstairs, been shopping for birthday buffet, wrapped Dd's presents, blown up balloons, set birthday breakfast table and collapsed in a heap to watch The Walking Dead.

Am now off to bed. Busy day tomorrow as , there were cluesgrin, it's DD's 5th birthday tomorrow which includes party at playcentre for schoolfriends and party at home for family and friends.

Hope all are oksmile.

BlueEyeshadow Fri 15-Feb-13 23:00:20

Hello all,

We had our M&S Valentines meal today and then both ended up falling asleep on the sofa – how romantic! – so a bit disorientated now…

Still, ta da!
3 loads of washing
Tons of work
Cleaned kitchen

What else has been going on today?

NickNacks had a busy work day

Bitchy was just manic – glad you found the birth cert. and hope you’re resting now!

Engelse was still ill and scoffing medicinal shortbread.

LPlate is juggling a new business and childcare so no wonder flying’s been on the back burner for a while.

Toffee had a nice quiet house and had done the babystep. smile

Going had a lovely sunny day and was in a cleaning mood. Good list!

Lilleth had attainable lists. Hope passport applications went well. Need to do 3 of those myself before the summer. Must Not Forget! Glad your DS had such a good day in school and shame about the balloon.


No missions for the weekend. Saturday is Family Fun Day.

Babystep is to read one of the Fat Fairy’s emails (so eminently skippable!).


Tomorrow is going to be interesting as DS2 has a birthday party to go to, for which we only got the invitation on Wednesday, and there’s shopping to do, and I’m going out in the afternoon, so lots of fitting in round each other. Also need cards and presents for the party – twins!! Hope everyone else has a lovely weekend.

BlueEyeshadow Fri 15-Feb-13 23:01:25

X-P with Ellie - Happy Birthday to your DD for tomorrow. Hope it all goes swimmingly. smile

elliepac Fri 15-Feb-13 23:24:30

Thanks blue smile.

NickNacks Sat 16-Feb-13 08:11:58

Happy birthday to your dd ellie!

I haven't even composed my list yet but feel it will be a long one. hmm

SilveryMoon Sat 16-Feb-13 08:43:40

I have had a really poor FLYing week. I've just stuck to routines this week because dp's been working lates so I have had to collect ds's from after school club which meant we were home late every night.
Then I caught a bit of a bug and have felt really rough the past few days, but am ready to jump back on now.

Up and make beds done
Get breakfast done
Feed cats done
Laundry done
Clear breakfast
Shower and dress
Swish and swipe
Rubbish out
Clean litter trays
Wrap present for ds2's friend
Take ds2 to party
Menu plan and shopping list
Food shop
Change bedsheets
Glass shelves
Cook dinner
Clean kitchen
Lay out clothes
Shine sink
Wipe fridge
Stray items away

Think that's it. This is pretty much my whole weekend list, so whatever doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow (that's the plan anyway).

Hope everyone is well, off to have a quick catch up.

SilveryMoon Sat 16-Feb-13 08:56:02

Thanks for well wishes guys smile
cuddle grin @ decluttering the wine rack!
Bitchy Sorry to hear things are tough there atm
Lplate nSetting up a new business certainly does sound stressful, but exciting! Goodluck with it all.

I'm still not managing those babysteps. Or the daily focus. I plan my menu on the weekend, food shop on weekend, clear out bags and purse on weekend, car I'm not really doing because although I'm driving it a bit, it doesn't feel like it's being used iyswim. I think once i can use it by myself and it starts to feel like mine, I'll get on it.

elliepac Sat 16-Feb-13 11:10:38

Morning all. Presents unwrapped check, one hyper 5 yr old check, crisis clean check. Shortly going to soft play hell for birthday party but at least I don't have to do anything other than pay.

I can't believe she is 5. Makes you realise how quickly the years fly by!

BitchyDragons Sat 16-Feb-13 11:14:04

silvery Tbh i have more or less given up on the babysteps other the the early night one which I have decided is my focus for the rest of this month. reckon if i can crack this one then for me the rest will fall more into place.

I have overslept big style and today is just about 4 hours behind. You'll be pleased to hear that my to do takes me out on a 3hr round trip with what ever time out in the middle so the ta list won't be so huge today. sad wink

Also today is a good day. i don't have to deal with the ex wink

LillethTheCat Sat 16-Feb-13 11:15:41


I think I might have a PB for Parkrun this morning. I wasn't even pushing myself until I got to near the end and realised I had 20 secs to get to the finish line so I sprinted it. My watch makes me 2 secs behind my previous PB so it depends on how in sync it was with theirs. Will find out in a bit

- make beds
- turned on washing machine
- 2nd load
- parkrun

to do
- dry laundry
- take laundry upstairs
- Wash up 2X
- Shine Sink
- Tidy front room once DCs in bed
- fill out a passport application (have got 4 to fill out before Tues so Im thinking one a day)
- Watch Lady and the Tramp wtih DD1
- Sky plus Mulan for DD1 to watch at some point.

Ellie Happy birthday to your DD hope she has a good day and its not too tiring for you

Silvery Glad to hear you are feeling better

Bitchy hope you have a better day today

<waves to everyone else>


SilveryMoon Sat 16-Feb-13 14:16:06

Aw, happy birthday to your dd Ellie. It certainly does fly by! Hope the party is going well.
Hope you're having a good day bitchy. I'm trying to stay on top of routines which I think is pretty consistent now and do the missions or 15 min detail. Once that's firmly in place I might look at the daily focus but we'll see.
The early night one is something I should do too. I fall asleep on sofa and end up in bed between 1 and 4 in the morning mostnnights.

Back from the party ds2 was invited to, the mum of party girl ended up letting ds1 in too because ds2 became very clingy and tearful. She came out a while later to say he was a completely different child, he'd been break dancing and everything!
I drove there and back but dp spent most of the time having a go so not talking to him now. Arsehole.
Just got into bed for a nap after having a shit sleep last night. Hopefully they won't notice until I'm asleep......

Trazzletoes Sat 16-Feb-13 18:47:33

Hi all, sorry for my extended absence and I admit to having not caught up with the thread either.

Today is day 12 in hospital - needless to say my grand plans for the baby steps to be completed by other people in the house when I'm not there have totally failed. The house is a total state though I did get the bins out last night. When I get home my later my ta-da is:

Empty cat litter.
No doubt wash up after DH and DM.

SilveryMoon Sat 16-Feb-13 19:17:38

Trazzles Hope yopu're ok. Not sure what I missed re hospital for 12 days...........take it easy smile

Up and make beds done
Get breakfast done
Feed cats done twice
Laundry done x2
Clear breakfast done
Shower and dress done
Swish and swipe done
Rubbish out done
Clean litter trays done
Wrap present for ds2's friend done
Take ds2 to party done
Menu plan and shopping list
Food shop
Change bedsheets done
Glass shelves
Cook dinner - got KFC instead
Clean kitchen done
Lay out clothes done
Shine sink done
Wipe fridge done
Stray items away done
Wiped/polished shoes done
2 hour nap done

The rest will get done tomorrow.

Trazzletoes Sat 16-Feb-13 19:23:37

Hi Silvery it's not for me, it's for DS. He has cancer (but that's a whole nother thread) current admission is for 4-12 weeks and keeping the house in order when only being home for a couple of hours every couple of days is proving to be a struggle grin

SilveryMoon Sat 16-Feb-13 19:25:59

Oh, gosh Trazzles I didn't know that. Hope he's doing ok, I bet it's hard to keep on top of everything.

LillethTheCat Sat 16-Feb-13 19:42:15


Trazzles Hope your DS and you and the rest of your family are doing ok considering.

- make beds
- turned on washing machine
- 2nd load
- parkrun
- dry laundry
- take laundry upstairs
- Wash up after lunch
- Tidy front room once DCs in bed
- Watch Lady and the Tramp wtih DD1
- Sky plus Mulan for DD1 to watch at some point.

not doing
- Wash up after tea
- Shine Sink
- fill out a passport application (nearly did a full 3 yesterday all apart from old passport numbers and my passport number for DCs so will finish off tomorrow or Monday)

Sundays list
- Strip bed/s (havent decided if Im doing them all yet or just ours. Might not have time for DCs on Monday this week so might have to do one or two tomorrow)
- wash bedding
- Dry bedding
- remake beds
- Wash up 3X
- Shine Sink
- Go for 5 mile run (plan is to run 10, walk 2 repeatedly. Might run 15 though)
- long soak in bath
- early night

Hope all is well in Fledgling land.

BitchyDragons Sat 16-Feb-13 20:20:36

I have done ridiculously little today.

Thinking about you and your boy trazzles

I have two options: do stuff or go to sleep. Heating has broken again so am going to crash and just go the fuck to sleep. Or at least that is the plan. hmm

ToffeeWhirl Sat 16-Feb-13 20:33:20

Trazzles - good to see you here. I'm sorry your house is in a state sad, but am not surprised considering what you're going through. Sleep is far more important than anything when you're at home though. Hope Joe had a good day today.

Have had a day out in London with DH and DS2 today. It was lovely to get out and do something different.

Had to do a crisis clean on the house first thing as MIL was coming to look after DS1 whilst we were out, so I:

did all the washing up
wiped down all surfaces
swept kitchen floor
mopped kitchen floor
emptied the bin
put recycling out
wiped and tidied kitchen shelf
changed kitchen hand towel
wiped down fridge
hid all our clean unironed washing in our bedroom
hid the home ed papers and books under the sofa
swished and swiped in bathroom
folded towels
put new hand towel in bathroom
cleaned bathroom mirror
changed loo roll
emptied bins
tidied upstairs landing
made beds
room rescue in sitting room

Phew. And all before 9.30 am shock.

BlueEyeshadow Sat 16-Feb-13 22:22:45

Evening all.

I’ve spent far too long on the computer blogging this evening, so I’d better keep it brief.

Ellie - hope the party went well.

Silvery - I don’t think it matters whether you do things on their designated days. I generally don’t, although sometimes it’s helpful – just adapt the system to what works for you.

Bitchy - hope you survived the 3-hour round trip and that the sleep option worked out.

Lilleth - well done on the run.

Trazzles - nice to see you and no need to apologise.

Toffee - a very impressive list for that time in the morning!

No mission again. Sunday is Renew Your Spirit Day.

Babystep 17 is the bedtime one [looks at Bitchy]

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

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