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Going rate for a cleaner

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clam Mon 28-Jan-13 20:02:39

Am in Home Counties. Have bust my leg and, whilst dh and the dcs (and friends and family) are all mucking in, it's not really sustainable or up to my standards.

I think I'd need a one-off clean to be starting with, followed by either weekly or fortnightly for the medium term - possibly may keep it up for good, as have been meaning to look for a cleaner for a while.

So, how much is reasonable? Is it safest/easiest to go with an established company, albeit probably a bit more expensive, rather than try to find a 'treasure?'

omletta Mon 28-Jan-13 20:08:08

I have a treasure, but if I didn't have her I would use an agency to come and blitz occasionally whilst I was at home, there are few people I would trust in my home without me. My treasure is a friends mum, she does much much more than cleaning, more of a housekeeper really.

A recent thread on here would suggest that £10ph is the going rate.

HystericalParoxysm Tue 29-Jan-13 08:37:34

£10ph, more like £12-13 if an agency. I have sacked every agency I have ever tried and had much more success employing someone directly. Depends how much you need sickness/holiday cover really.

ThreeBeeOneGee Tue 29-Jan-13 08:38:29

We are paying £10 an hour (Herts).

DeepRedBetty Tue 29-Jan-13 08:42:29

Unless you get a really good personal recommendation you're unlikely to find a 'treasure' in your time frame. 'Treasures' by their nature are usually extremely busy/fully booked!

Go for an agency. If you're in the house when they're there, they won't skimp the job, especially if you imply it'll be an ongoing contract....

£12 an hour is the going rate for agencies round here (NE Wilts)

clam Tue 29-Jan-13 10:45:40

Right, will get phoning!
Thanks all.

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