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New year re-organisation continues.

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2kidsintow Fri 25-Jan-13 21:00:23

I'm tackling small jobs (and not so small jobs) as and when the time and inclination is available.

So far I've

Sorted all of DD2's clothes and reorganised her wardrobe.
Bought and put up shelves in DD2s tiny bedroom for her to display all of her painted ceramic craftwork.
Put up a deep shelf and a mirror to make DD2 a dressing table/desk.
Result: Happy DD2.

Got DH to remove DD1's top bunk (and donated it to a friend) and bought her new bedding.
Moved all her bedroom furniture around.
Put up one shelf for her DVDs (still have another shelf to put up)
Helped her to sort through a lot of stuff she's been holding on to.
Result: Job still in progress. She's currently sorting through her other stuff and this weekend's BIG job is to empty her built in wardrobe, go through EVERYTHING in it and be ruthless. We aren't keeping any of her old clothes unless DD2 really loves them.

Last week I went through all the shelves in the pantry and binned anything out of date.

Today, I came home from the school run and spent an hour going through the wall cupboards, end open shelves, windowsill and the drawers in the tiny kitchen. I filled a massive bin bag and have a further pile of things like Princess mugs etc that DD2 has declared she is too big for now for the charity shop.
(Still need to sort through two base cupboards!)

Built a shoe rack and organised my shoes in my room and moved my dressing table. (Still need to be ruthless with my clothing - but waiting til I've lost a bit more weight and can just bin loads of stuff).

I hadn't realised how much I've got done as I've been doing it in a hit and miss fashion, but it is starting to make a difference.

I still have a house that is a practical rather than a pretty one in terms of decoration and storage, but it is getting easier to keep it tidy.

2kidsintow Sat 26-Jan-13 20:56:28

Today - DD2 out with mates. I gutted her built in wardrobe and managed to fill
1 bin bag of clothes for a friend's daughter
3 bin bags of clothes for the charity
1 bin bag of rubbish.
Of everything that was put away for DD2 to wear when she grows into it, I finally only kept 2 large carrier bags. (Stuff that DD2 liked or school uniform that will def be useful)

Where does it all come from?
I also put up her last shelf, moved some furniture to look better and did a few loads of laundry (washing machine water supply in the garage has finally thawed!)

Tomorrow I shall be going to argos and buying a shoe rack shelf and a tall shelf to go inside her cupboard to help keep it organised. I also need to do a run to the skip.

Unfortunately the rest of my house looks like a bomb has hit it, with bags of clothing and rubbish everywhere. (Finally just loaded them into the car).

<Knows that no-one else is reading this thread, but doesn't care, it just looks good all written down>

lagoonhaze Sat 26-Jan-13 21:50:41

Im reading and its inspiring me! Keep up the good work!

SlatternismyMiddlename Sat 26-Jan-13 22:10:53

I'm reading and I'm envy at what you have done.

LovesGSD Sat 26-Jan-13 22:12:02

I've just read it and I'm very impressed grin grin

2kidsintow Sat 26-Jan-13 22:50:57

Thanks. blush

HollaAtMeBaby Sun 27-Jan-13 17:48:27

I'm reading too. You sound very handy envy

2kidsintow Tue 29-Jan-13 22:09:49

I have my handy moments - but usually leave it to DH.

Sunday - bought the shelving unit. Nightmare of decision making required. Knew the height of my DDs cupboard, but forgot to accurately measure the height of the shelf in the airing cupboard. Ended up with a shelf unit from B&M and one from argos (shorter, but more expensive - but at least easier to build.) Would have been good to get the 2 the same from B&M, but wasn't sure they'd fit and don't know how good they are at giving refunds.

In the end I built the shoe rack and the smaller set of shelves for inside my DDs cupboard. And the B&M mid sized set of metal shelves that is now inside the airing cupboard so there is ample storage for the towels - but it is easy to move it out if we need to get to the boiler.

There is a spare small set of shelves now - and I'm going to wade into Dh's pile of crap that has accumulated in the bedroom, put the shelves there and put all his stuff on it tidily.

Monday - less exciting - vaccuumed throughout the upstairs as all the DIY had left behind a bombsite.

Hmmm..... after DH's shelves, what next? I think it will be my own clothing collection.... in a few more weeks when my size 16s no longer fit.

SlatternismyMiddlename Wed 30-Jan-13 12:45:10

2kids - what has prompted this frenzy of activity? I need to motivate myself so looking for inspiration smile

2kidsintow Wed 30-Jan-13 21:09:16

I don't know! I usually fall into the category of "it's good enough, it'll do".

I think push came to shove when DD2 just had too much stuff in her tiny box room and it made me decide that this year's resolution should be to sort things out.

I know it isn't financially the best, but we just don't have space to save clothes from one DD to the next when there's a 4 year age gap. So we've ditched everything that DD2 didn't like, that would be out of fashion, that isn't the type of thing she wears or that is in a fabric/colour that won't store well. And we've just kept the bare minimum.

I do have a lot of uber tidy friends, but my husband would live in a skip and be content. '"Why are you throwing this out? It might be useful one day" is his favourite saying.

(Did put the spare set of shelves in our room, in the corner by DH's side of the bed today and organised the chaotic pile of books/bits and bobs that was piled there nicely onto the shelving. )

Next on my list has to be the kids toy cupboard that is in the dining room. It contains a lot of DD2's toys. DD1 has a larger room, so stores her stuff up there, DD2 has the box room so she gets to keep her stuff in the cupboard downstairs.

It is over full and there is so much in there that she doesn't play with or even remember she has.... until you drag it out to have a sort out and then she can't bare to part with it!

I think that's a job for my day off when they are still in school so they can't clock what I'm adding to the charity shop pile!

2kidsintow Sat 02-Feb-13 21:39:38

Today DD2 and I tackled the toy mountain that was under her mid sleeper.

In November, we took out 6 bags of stuff, between clothes, toys and rubbish.

Then another few binbags the other week when I started this declutter fest, sorting her wardrobe.

Today there was a couple of carrier bags of things that she's had enough of and half a bin bag of stuff not worth charity-shopping.

We also put up her Moshi Monsters wall stickers to complete her redecoration of her room.

Yesterday I tackled the large built-in toy cupboard in the dining room and took out a few bags of stuff from there. It's still full, but the DDs can better see what was in there. It was lovely watching DD sitting there, pulling out games that she hasn't seen and played with for a while. We had a few games of downfall and operation. grin

2kidsintow Sun 03-Feb-13 21:30:51

grin Still updating here...
Tody was supposed to be a lazy day - nothing planned. Until my BIL dropped off their washing machine they no longer needed. Our washer dryer was getting a bit dodgy on the spin part of the cycle, but the dryer is fine. DH has ripped out an unused sink and cupboard in the utility part of the garage and we've put the washer in next to the washer drier.

Only problem is... we had to bring it through the house as DH's garage is a tip bit cluttered.
To do that, I had to remove the top of one of the kitchen sides and slide a unit out of the way. It wasn't too big a job, but there was no point doing it without giving everything a scrub asn making sure it was all sparkling before it went back into its place. And of course.... now I've done that side, I need to do the other side of the kitchen to match. But not today. I can't be bothered.

2kidsintow Sun 03-Feb-13 21:43:21

The pity is... my DH is such a hoarder (and not of rubbish that you could justify throwing away, but of 'useful items' and hobby paraphernalia - I've lost track of the different hobbies he has that require him to aquire stuff - walking, boating, making wine, making bio fuel etc) that all this sorting has only improved a few areas of the house. And the general feel is still of a house that is well lived in. (No problem) And a bit old (no problem). But also too full of stuff and not organised.

And the low-level grief I'd get for tackling HIS stuff to the degree that I've tackled my and the girls stuff, just means it isn't worth it.

amazingmumof6 Fri 24-May-13 07:49:43

hi 2kidsinstow

just read all of that, very impressive.

I'm inspired, but..... <cue 101 excuses> I'll get back to that.

how old are your girls?
how's everything now?

any tidying plans for Bank Hol weekend? or are you going away?

writing down what you've actually achieved is a great idea, so starting today I'll do the same.
I'd love to have a tyding buddy, I hope you'll be back.
until then I'm hogging this threadwink


amazingmumof6 Fri 24-May-13 19:17:32

read through thread now and it struck me that I'm like your DH.
hobbies & hoarding.
so organised chaos suits me.

but it doesn't suit our very busy family life.

the biggest problem is that I can't get rid of stuff, but don't have enough space to store everything out of sight.

I'm just not able to "get on with it" and finish a job. ever.
so I'd rather not start . I do bits, but there's no visible improvement.

I meant to do loads today, but DS5 and DD kept on taking turns in whinging andaj

amazingmumof6 Fri 24-May-13 19:35:20

hey phone, I'm not finished yet!

so they kept on whining and messing up everything.Needy, needy children.

DD wants me to hold her a lot or she screams, so of course I stop and pick her up. more for my sake then hers, I feel angry and very stressed when she cries like that.

I don't think that the house being tidy or untidy should be my biggest problem. but it is right now and has been for years. That makes me unhappy.

I would love to spend 2 weeks on my own and just get things done. just to sort through things, finish some projects, fix things, organize my hobby things, declutter, clean and tidy and get on top of things.

With 6 kids (including a baby and a toddler at home) there are so many distractions and interruptions I just can't concentrate.

aaaargggh. it's too much.

amazingmumof6 Sat 25-May-13 11:31:30

today's plan - put all clothes away. About 8 baskets full.

clean windowsill in kitchen

find Thomas underpants for DS5 as just started toilet training.

general pottering about.

also it would be great to tidy kitchen worktop, very complicated issue as not enough cupboard space, so everything ends up scattered around.

MissPB Sat 25-May-13 13:09:20

lovely thread. Since Easter I have, cleared out a load of stuff from the garage (old baby toys, buggies etc) and donated two boxes of stuff to the charity shop.

gone through the children's clothes and given away a load of baby clothes - age 2 to friends.

this half term I plan to: go through my own clothes drawers to chuck out old /not word stuff.

amazingmumof6 Sat 25-May-13 16:12:44

hi MissPB - so glad someone else's posting after me, I hope OP comes back. It's nice to have company!smile

I'm chewing my way through our clothes, but I've done bits and bobs in between, like listing some stuff on Ebay and clearing out winter/ outgrown school uniforms.

I'm trying to stay away from the kitchen (new diet), but DH is putting up a new shelf and then I can reorganize undersink cupboard and general mess.

I've just figured out how to solve our problem storing lunchboxes - and had a brainwave to swap things round and store ALL my seed beads, embroidery & sewing machine related bits and bobs on shelf above piano (in dining room, where I do my sewing).

that will free some space in the living room to put all my craft related books together. yay!

and so it begins.

changed DS5's cot mattress cover, and planning my next moves.

mrspaddy Sat 25-May-13 17:38:31

Oh can I join..? I have finally gone through wardrobes and old suitcases of summer clothes - three bags to charity. Old towels too.

Gave my mum bangles, fashion jewellery, handbags, scarves, wine glasses and dishes I don't have room for. Bought underbed storage for all shoes (on wheels with lids - very handy) for occasional shoes.

Went to Lakeland and got shelves for kitchen cupboards - doubled the space.
I teach and recently bought A4 wallet type folders - 200 pages and photocopied my favourite worksheets and donated all my books to school (by subject/age). This was the hardest but have doubled shelving space and will now probably use the sheets!!! Still a bit more to do.

Also need to go through my CD collection - considering an IPOD but in the meantime bought an A4 holder and will get rid of all cases etc.
I start maternity leave shortly and will spend some of my time making photobooks.
We also bought a shed so a lot will be moving out there.
Have a lot of messy drawers and DH has a lot of paperwork to sort - I am working on him grin

floatyfloni Sat 25-May-13 18:54:52

May I join this thread? grin

Have been decluttering and organising the house this week. So much junk built up everywhere, it was getting impossible to keep the place tidy. Which is shameful really as I am at home all day, just one ds and lots of storage space.

So far I have-

Cleared out five bags of mine, my dp's and ds's clothes and shoes. Decent stuff taken to charity shop, the rest went in a rag recycling bank.

Sorted through paperwork and re-filed.

Cleared out airing cupboard and organised the stuff in it.

Ds bedroom looked lovely but masses of junk had been stuffed into his chest of drawers so sorted through all of that. Now have puzzles put back in the right boxes and toys back in the correct sets.

Sorted kitchen cupboards. Got rid of manky old pans so have more space for things that are actually used. Could do with a couple of little plastic boxes for storing spice jars and the like but for now a shoebox will do! Least they are not falling down behind the fridge now!

Have made several phonecalls that had been putting off for ages, and faced setting up re-payment plans for arrears. That is probably the biggest worry now tackled!

I have been on a laundry mission too. Hot washing all the towels and laundering cushion covers. Putting all spare bedding in the room its meant for. Sheets and duvet covers placed inside the matching pillow case so all ready to go when needed.

There are more great tips on another thread. I can't do links but hopefully someone more techy will come along and do so. Its called 'LITTLE things that help keep you organised.'

Fab ideas on there. So def have a look if not already done so.

Feeling really.positive right now. Amazing how little changes make all the difference!

amazingmumof6 Sat 25-May-13 19:43:59

hi MrsPaddy and Floaty!

you both have done loads!

when is BabyPaddy due? first child?

floatyfloni Sat 25-May-13 20:25:23

Thanks. It doesnt feel like loads when I look at what there is left to do!

But little by little smile

amazingmumof6 Sun 26-May-13 10:00:06

I didn't quite finishe all the tasks yesterday, but made good progress.
I'll list more on Ebay before lunch, then we are going out.

big plans for Monday.


CiderwithBuda Sun 26-May-13 10:11:52

I need a thread like this!

I was on a decluttering for Xmas thread that helped a lot but things have slid since. We currently have a decorator in redoing all the white gloss paint work (it all yellowed horribly within a year) so I need to and have great opportunity to get going again room by room. I still have a pike of stuff in the garage that was meant to go to the charity shop before Xmas!

So today I need to dust and vacuum the spare bedroom and airing cupboard and sort them both out. Need to make up bed in spare room too so we can move in there while main bedroom is being done. I also need to buy a new bed for the spare room as now the room has been decorated the old one looks really tatty. Also DH wants to tackle our overgrown and messy and mossy driveway. So will do the inside stuff this morning and outside this afternoon.

This evening I will sit down and make a list of jobs that need doing room by room.

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