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New kettle - where from?

(12 Posts)
motherofvikings Wed 23-Jan-13 13:56:51

My old kettle's lid keeps popping up so it needs replacing.

I bought one in sainsburys today - a russel Hobbs one. It's bloody useless, no indicator of how full it is (my fault for not checking), can't see a max indicator inside it so don't know if I'm overfilling, and for a rapid boil kettle it took 5 minutes to boil!!! hmm

It's going back as its poop!

What can you recommend? smile

landofsoapandglory Wed 23-Jan-13 14:05:29

I've got this Delonghi one. I got mine free with my Tesco points. I can't speak highly enough of it, it boils quickly, is really quiet and despite living in a really hard water area doesn't seem to collect limescale.

motherofvikings Wed 23-Jan-13 14:35:21

Sainsburys had a delongi one but it was £40 (reduced from £60) dh wouldn't be too impressed... hmm

fossil971 Wed 23-Jan-13 16:05:24

this Phillips one we have is going strong - noticed it features on Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals kitchen. Not sure if that's a recommendation or not!

Screaminabdabs Wed 23-Jan-13 16:11:00

I need one too...

Screaminabdabs Wed 23-Jan-13 16:18:32

I'm vaguely thinking of a Brita filter one from Tesco???

PolterGoose Wed 23-Jan-13 20:41:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PoppyWearer Wed 23-Jan-13 20:47:02


Very expensive but excellent. It's the one Nigel Slater has in his telly show.

We also have the toaster.

Bought ours 4 years ago via Amazon, once had to replace the spout filter once because the old one scaled up, but that was very cheap and that has been it.

DH has been to a couple of cookery schools and they all seem to use Magimix kitchen stuff.

Ponders Wed 23-Jan-13 20:58:13

I have a cheap basic one from Tesco which is fine except for taking about 10 secs to shut off when boiling, & also the pop-up lid doesn't, unless you force it - this one - the inside lights up blue when it's on which is pretty cool. Not bad for just over a tenner, but I decided to replace it with

this Kenwood one from amazon which is a Best Buy on Which, but it also takes about 10 secs to shut off - which is most annoying under the circs hmm - but at least its pop-up lid does. Also only the switch lights up, not the whole of the inside. I did like the blue inside on the Tesco one. (Have kept it as a spare)

But apart from the annoyances mentioned I would recommend both as they are cheap, have water level indicators on both sides (at least the Kenwood one does; I can't remember if Tesco one only has it on one side, & cba to get it out to look), look inoffensive, & boil quickly smile

dikkertjedap Wed 23-Jan-13 21:46:45

Whatever you do, don't get a Dualit one. As good as Dualit toasters are, as bad are their kettles.

Very likely to break down, very noisy, not fast and very expensive.

squaredog Thu 24-Jan-13 08:27:41

I have the same Tesco one as Ponders.

Brilliant value!

fussychica Thu 24-Jan-13 12:07:17

I've got a Kenwood metallics in graphite which I really like.

However, the matching toaster has just gone up the creek and Kenwood customer service were totally useless (bought from Comet unfortunately so can't return to store).

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