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Meal planning app?

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BettyButterknife Mon 21-Jan-13 12:28:44

Every week I draw a little chart by hand and dutifully fill it out with what we will eat for each meal. Then I thumb through recipe books and make a shopping list.

Surely there's an app for that? Something that allows you to click and add previously inputted recipes/meals and allocate to each day/mealtime? I don't mind spending a while inputting all our usual recipes.

Anyone got any recommendations? Should I be posting in a techy topic instead?

TheJanuaryProject Mon 21-Jan-13 20:35:35

There's a free one on the iPhone App Store just now called The Food Planner, which seems to do what you're looking for. It has no reviews, but I guess it might be new. It's free though so maybe worth a look?

Swishyhairandthumpinguggboots Tue 11-Oct-16 07:14:53

Meal planning geek here smile

The food planner app is very good, I've just got that one. There's also spinning meals which I like (£2.99 I think it was) spinning meals does the programming for you and emails you a shopping list.

With both of them it's a bit of a faff to programme the meals in but you can put the food planner on your laptop, your phone and a kindle or something which isn't possible with meal spinner.

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