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Freezing sandwiches

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LovesGSD Sat 19-Jan-13 11:52:00

After reading the good tips on here I've decided that I'm going to start freezing sandwiches for the DC packed lunches all week. Fillings will be tuna, cold meat or cheese, are these ok to freeze?

aftermay Sun 20-Jan-13 08:55:38

I take them out of the freezer in the morning, fine by lunchtime. I do the kids' in quarters and they get two quarters each.

scripsi Sun 20-Jan-13 13:11:14

Can I do pittas and cream cheese (or will the cream cheese go weird?). Might try this for tomorrow.

Kickarsequeen Sun 20-Jan-13 14:26:14

Pittas are fine, not sure about the cream cheese! Test it and see! smile

scripsi Sun 20-Jan-13 14:37:32

will report back ...

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