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Has anyone ever used Plumbs to have a sofa reupholstered?

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Kelseyb Tue 23-Aug-16 11:20:13

I had my 2 sofas reupholstered in Dec 2014. I am still trying to get them fixed. Despite appearances they use subcontractors. Get everything you want done in writing. We were promised things by the agent that never got done by the upholsterers. The workmanship was amateurish hence the continuing need to deal with them. Even when head office agreed that there are major problems nothing has been done yet 7 months down the road. Customer services are a farce. Continual apologies and promises to call which don't happen. They tell you what they think you want to hear not the truth. I wouldn't wish their farcical company on my worst enemy. Please find someone else if you are thinking of re upholstery or new covers. For the money we spent, £3600, we should have bought new sofas.

ItsIcyOutsideIThinkINeedThorin Wed 16-Jan-13 17:32:43

If so, are they any good?

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