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Hiring someone to do a spring-clean

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ItsIcyOutsideIThinkINeedThorin Wed 16-Jan-13 13:40:37

Has anyone done this and did you think it wsa worth it? Roughly how much did it cost? It's impossible to find any price guides online...

KatyTheCleaningLady Wed 16-Jan-13 16:16:05

Most domestic cleaners will do them. The price will vary quite a lot.

Depending on the size and state of your home, and what you want doing, the amount of work will be anywhere from 4 to 12 man hours. (Possibly longer. I mean, I don't know how big your house is!)

If you have a very large house and think it will be several hours of work, a company can send a team of two or three.

As an independent cleaner, I wouldn't take on a huge job because I really only have about six uninterrupted hours of cleaning in me.

What do you need doing? Knowing what you want before you start calling around can help you.

KatyTheCleaningLady Wed 16-Jan-13 16:17:32

I'll add that the rates will be anywhere from £10-£20 an hour. Where I am (on the outskirts of a large Northern City) quite a lot of companies and cleaners look for about £12.50 an hour.

ItsIcyOutsideIThinkINeedThorin Thu 17-Jan-13 07:55:35

Thanks, Katy! I might give someone a call and get a quote...

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