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Wool duvet? Any pros and cons I need to know about?

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treaclesoda Mon 14-Jan-13 09:50:27

I'm in need of a new duvet.

Have done my research and a wool one seems to tick all the boxes - I prefer natural fibres to synthetic, and it would suit DH as he is constantly complaining of being too warm in bed and from what I've read wool duvets are good for regulating temperature. DH has allergies, so again it seems a better option than a downy feathery thing.

Just wondered if anyone who has one would recommend it, or not recommend it?

And also, do you think this is a case where you need to pay for an expensive one, or if its pure wool is it going to be pretty much the same no matter how much it costs?

JamNan Mon 14-Jan-13 16:57:06

I have a wool duvet and I think it's the best. Warm in winter cool in summer. I hang it out on the line to air in the summer or chuck it in the tumble dryer for 10 mins in the winter, however it doesn't really get sweaty. I bought mine from Devon Duvets

treesntrees Mon 14-Jan-13 21:42:33

I have a summer weight duvet and find it too hot in conjunction with my tempur mattress. However I do like the weight of it and I think if your bedrooms are not heated you will find it very cosy

treesntrees Mon 14-Jan-13 21:43:20

summer weight wool duvet

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