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Disaster! - tumble dryer not working

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Jergens Sun 13-Jan-13 17:52:11

Something has happened to my dryer. It caused circuit breaker to blow and lights went out.
Turned it back on (not sure if thus was safe to do)? It went back on but it's just blowing cold air and clothes are wet. Does anyone know what might be wrong?
Do I need to call in an appliance repairman?
In the meantime I'm going to have to put the current load on the radiators. (waiting to be flamed by Piglet John!) hmm

Fairylea Sun 13-Jan-13 17:56:59

Sounds like the heating element has gone - but I'm no expert !

Definitely needs a repair. If it's still blowing etc it shouldn't cost too much fora new part.

PigletJohn Sun 13-Jan-13 18:18:17

I reckon it needs repairing. Some of them have an overheat reset button on the back, but this will be described in the instruction booklet.

If it is quite old and not very expensive you may do better to get a new one.

Jergens Sun 13-Jan-13 20:47:19

Thanks for the advice. I'll call for a repair tomorrow. If costly, will just buy a new one.

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