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what's your daily routine?

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techn9nefan Tue 01-Jan-13 20:45:27

mine is....
6am wake up. go make coffee and read news online
6.30am have shower and get dressed.
7.15am wake children and DP.
7.25am make breakfast for children and DP.
8ish am get children ready for school.
8.10 DP leaves for work.
8.30 am school run.
9.30 arrive at shops to do daily shopping
11am return home. have coffee and maybe a sandwich.
11.30 make beds and clean house.
1pm go to stables muck out and ride both horses.
3pm leave to go do school run.
4pm arrive home with children. have yet another coffee.
4.15 start to make evening meal.
4.30ish DP arrives home
5pm ish. have evening meal.
6pm bath children and get them ready for bed. (sometimes DP does and I have coffee and browse web)
7pm youngest goes to bed (story read etc)
7.30pm older two go bed (story read etc)
7.45 wash pots and clean round again.
8.30 shower for me.
then relax till bed time about 10pm

is everyone else like this or just me. I feel like I never stop.

techn9nefan Sat 05-Jan-13 11:10:53

iwipeaeses thank you, everyone always says my house is spotless and in the past people have said that there is no way children live here as everything is white even my carpets. I very rarely go in to a supermarket I try to get Every thing as locally sourced as possible. I make my own bread, and cook every thing from scratch on a daily basis. I even grow my most if my own veg. I try to be as 'green' as I can.

ChristmasIsAcumenin Sat 05-Jan-13 10:14:20

My routine is basically (I work from home and am 24h carer for DP)

6.30 check-turn
7.00 up, let carers in, clear round, dishwasher, laundry, make coffee
7.30 - 9.30 writing and caring
9.30 - 10 turn time, give partner coffee, food, meds, shower and dress
10-11 walk/exercise and errands (mon-fri)
11-12.30 coding and caring
12.30 turn time, meds, personal care etc
1pm-1.30 lunch and housework
1.30 -2.30 physio with DP and his PA
2.30 - 5 coding or VFX compositing and caring
5 -5.30 turn time, give snack, meds etc
5.30-7.30 slacker work/admin and caring
7.30 -9.30 cook dinner, feed DP and do bedtime and meds
10.30 get to sleep, hopefully!
12.30 turn time
3.30 turn time
5.30 turn time

But sometimes I get up on the 3.30 turn and start work then or work up til the 12.30 turn, esp if coding on international project and DP is sleeping. In the day I work in 25 minute blocks with 5 minutes off in between to see to DP, but tbh it's more like 15 minutes at a time before he needs smth so it's better to do brain work in the night (can't multitask).

IWipeArses Sat 05-Jan-13 10:11:33

I don't think there's any need to be mean to the OP, everyone has different abilities and different standards.
I imagine her house is clean and the food she buys she cooks from scratch. In which case she probably does work quite hard.
Looking after horses is fun, but also hard work. Something doesn't have to be unpleasant to require effort. Surely we all want enjoyable work?

chubbymomie2012 Sat 05-Jan-13 09:40:47

I'm a stay at home mum with 4 kids 2 at school and 2 at home. my baby is up at 6-615am every morning and i really am non stop till they go to bed between 7 and 9. I have a 5 bedroom house which needs cleaned constantly and i have enough washing and ironing to sink a ship. i have school runs, rugby runs and 2 elderly parents to visit daily. im afraid you dont know the meaning of the word non stop. My sister has a horse and she spends time with her horse then complains her house is a mess. hmmm i dont mean to sound unsympathetic but u really should take a look at ur routine compared to others on here.

techn9nefan Fri 04-Jan-13 17:11:16

Wow you all seam to do so much more than me I feel bad for moaning now.

no this is not a joke. and I would never sell my horses. ive had a cleaner in the past but they just dont donit the same as me, im really OCD about my cleaning.

encyclogirl Fri 04-Jan-13 10:51:58

6.45 out of bed, shower dress etc
7.00 wake up dc
7.05 walk bonkers Jack Russell
7.15 Breakfast for dc
7.30 Help SN DD16 get school uniform on
7.45 Pack lunches with help of dc - general tidy up
8.00 School bus for dd arrives
8.05 Kiss DS12 goodbye, leave him waiting for his car pool and start commute
9.00 At desk, work through lunch.
5.00 Leave office, via shops if we need something home at 6.00
6.00 Eat dinner prepped by dh (who has arrived home at 3.00 - he starts work at 6.00am - and walked the dog, got on with laundry and some cleaning). DS12 has fed chickens and pigs and finished his homework
6.45 Bathtime for DD - Dh and DS clean up after dinner
7.00 Usually either rugby training or gaelic games or running or swimming for DS (We have activities most evenings)
Whichever parent is not driving to the activity is having a tidy round and taking the dog out again for a short walk.
8.30 All home - sit down relax (I do some work from home at this point, nothing hectic just emails etc)
9.30 Bedtime for DC and DH - DD16 bedtime routine takes a while as she has Downs and Autism and transitions are hard on her
10.00 House quiet, bit of yoga and a bit of surfing for me
11.00 Bed time.

Dh also takes care of main food shop during his lunch hour and he takes on at least half the housework and does 80% of DS12's activities with him, including coaching his rugby team. I take care of all of DD16's needs.

We are non-stop.

DS starts secondary next year and I expect we might be even busier.

pixelpeeper Fri 04-Jan-13 10:20:57

This has to be a joke right?

If it's not a joke, sell the horses and use the money for home help.

MatureUniStudent Thu 03-Jan-13 23:38:04

7am peacefully rouse sleeping angels from their slumbers
7.30 vigourisly shake sleeping children from their sleep
7.43 scream at refusniks to get up as assorted friends will be banging on the door in 15 minutes for the walk to school.
8pm argue with three DC's over various lost shoes/pe kits/times for collection
8.01am kiss assorted children and wave with forced smile on face to departing "angels".
8.15am start the housework.
9am bathe in utter sereneity and prepare for my forthcoming day. NOT
9am scream at dog to stop shedding hair, frantically look for handbag and books
9.10am hit the road
9.20am share abuse with the obnoxious bus conductor
10am look intelligent during lectures.
3.10 pm madness starts again as I collect the children.

at 9.20am intersperse with volunteer job /university /tesco /revision /assignments /jeremykyle /housewives of some american city depending on the day of the week.

Summer holidays.
Rise at 10am -
do nothing all day long
swing in my hammock all day long
with do nothing all day long
tea = dc checking out the cupboards/fridge and being "inventive"

techn9nefan Thu 03-Jan-13 18:07:08

my DD1+DD2 are 5 and DD3 is 4 so no activities in the week but weekebd we all do horse riding

TeaOneSugar Thu 03-Jan-13 15:46:39

Sounds lovely.

I get up and go to bed around the same times you do, but I manage to squeeze in 6 hours at work, on top of pretty much everything else you do.

I have a dog to walk rather than a horse to ride.

Don't any of your DC have any evening activities ?

I'm out three nights a week with swimming, brownies and dog training classes.

Thursday nights I have two hours me time.

Is this a competition?

HellesBelles396 Thu 03-Jan-13 11:51:35

DiamondDoris that's a really good idea - think I'll try it!

DiamondDoris Thu 03-Jan-13 09:59:34

Wish my daily routine was that simple - it takes me almost two hours to get the DC ready for school - one diabetic and the other one asd traits/adhd and so on. I can have my DS ready, standing by the door one minute, the next he's taken off his school uniform. I agree with other posters about the hour and a half daily shop - there's no way I could squeeze that in - I do a weekly online shop and it takes me 20 minutes or so.

I spent 3 days recording what I did in a day and how much time it took me to do each job etc - really great for going over and seeing where you can make short cuts/eliminate jobs/time wasting etc

Rhubarbgarden Wed 02-Jan-13 15:49:52

envy at your horse time. I am promising myself that the first thing I'll do when I've got both kids going to school/nursery is start riding again.

HellesBelles396 Wed 02-Jan-13 13:07:13

My routine:
6am light therapy, check emails, mn, facebook
6.30am up, wake ds, (ds has breakfast) showered dressed
7am make packed lunches (ds in shower), eat breakfast
7.30am drop ds at dm, collect df for drive to work (we car-pool)
8am arrive work
5.20pm leave work
5.50pm collect ds
5.55pm arrive home
6pm start tea, get changed, tidy round, eat tea, wash up
7pm study
9pm reading with ds
9.30pm bed

Doesn't seem too bad written down. Wednesday's I eat tea at work and go straight to cubs and scouts after collecting ds.

whatwhenhowif Wed 02-Jan-13 12:22:55

I agree, you need to start seeing the horses as 'me time', most people don't get 2hrs me time a day, most of the time I'm lucky to get 20min tea break in a day. If the horses are no longer 'me time' then find a friend to help out with the horses and ride one of them with you, that could maybe cut it down to an hour, or find someone willing to clean out horses and ride them every other day so you get every other day off. I'm sure there are other SAHM who can ride a horse but can't afford to keep one. It doesn't have to be the same person helping every time.

ZenNudist Wed 02-Jan-13 11:34:07

The only person who can judge if you're using your time well is you! If you have a routine that means you get everything done that you need to do and everything done that you want to do then that's fine. If you are dropping balls and also got no time in your life to focus on other things you want to do then you can make changes.

Do a weekly shop (supplemented with a small one if you prefer fresh food.) clear up before you leave the house, stay on top of it as you go along. Compress the time you waste on extra housework and getting ready (sounded like a luxury to me smile). Do horses straight after school run but before lunch. That would leave you with a free afternoon to take up a new hobby or whatever you like.

I think that busy people just get more done and if you've got less to do it can just expand to fill the time. I experience this over Christmas break where an entire afternoon gets frittered away on a few chores and entertaining wilful 2yo.

You also could recognise that your horses are how you've chosen to spend your leisure time, it'll still be a chore but help you to be more philosophical about not getting to do other fun things.

IWipeArses Wed 02-Jan-13 11:29:29

Well, are you getting everything done you need to atm? That is the essential question. To be more efficient, can you do the shopping on the way back from doing something else? For example, go straight to the stables from school and then shops on the way home?

I take it what you're asking is how to fit potential twins into your routine?
Set up online shopping, you'll need it at the start at least, then buy a buggy you can carry the daily shopping in, or a trolley if you'll use a sling so you can combine the daily shopping with a nice napping walk with baby/ies.

Getting DP to do more of getting children ready when there's a baby might help, or ensuring the children can do it themselves eg, can they all get dressed, shoes on when told, is eldest old enough to get some of breakfast ready etc.

irregularegular Wed 02-Jan-13 11:25:05

Is this one of those made up posts about someone else's routine???

You've got school aged children. Your husband is only out of the house from 8.10 to 4.30. You don't do any paid work, or regular voluntary work, or care for elderly relatives. Yes, you look after horses, but I assume this is your choice.

By my reckoning almost all your time is free time which you are choosing to spend riding, lots of shopping, drinking coffee, showering twice a day, relaxing from 8.30, going to bed early, slightly excessive amounts of cleaning, and just general day to day pottering around. That's all well and good, if a little dull, but I wouldn't say you have a busy life by any means!

JugglingMeYorkiesAndNutRoast Wed 02-Jan-13 11:03:41

A typical day for me most of last year has been ...

6.50 Wake up to Classic FM
7.00 Make brew for me and DH
7.05 onwards Get DC's (13 and 11) breakfast and ready for school. Get ready myself (wash hair etc)
8.05 Leave for work with DD to drop off at school
8.15 Drop DD at school
(8.30 DH and DS leave for work and school by bike)
8.30 Arrive at Pre-School for work (listen to radio for a bit in car-park)
8.40 Meet colleagues, start work - morning session in Pre-School
12.40 Leave work, drive home
12.50 Arrive home
12.50 - 3.30 Modest house-work and organisation such as shopping, washing and washing-up interspersed with MNing !
3.30 DS arrives home from school - give him a snack and have a chat
4.10 DD arrives home from school - chat and snack
4.10 onwards evening activities including clubs (taxi service !) & television/ games/ MN & DC's homework. Cook and eat evening meal together (whilst watching some TV)
6.10 DH arrives home
7 ish Check what homework DC's need to do
9 ish DC's to bed
10.30 ish me to bed after TV or MNing !

OP your day sounds lovely with all that horse riding. I'd love to go once a week with DD (as I did with my sister as a child) but it's a bit expensive for us at the mo !

whatwhenhowif Wed 02-Jan-13 10:56:37

On a fairly typical day:-
6-6:30 woken by ds, get myself and ds dressed and ready and breakfast
7 dd2 up, get her breakfast, start chasing her to get dressed, do her hair
7:45 if not already up get dd1 +dh up (they get dressed + breakfast themselves) and do dd1 hair.
8:15 dh leaves for work
8:25 school run - take to walking bus, drop girls, take ds to nursery for 9, walk home
9:10 ish power up computer, marking, admin etc (paid work),
11:50 leave to get ds
12:10 lunch for ds
1:00 set up for toddler group
1:30 toddler group
2:30 tidy up
2:45 go to school to pick up girls at 3:15 drive dd2 and friend to Rainbows, as have few spare minutes here we might get a bit of shopping in.
4:10 leave girls at Rainbows, go home, feed dd1,
5:15 pick dd2 up and drop dd1 off at Brownies (friend sometimes does this trip)
5:30 get food for rest of family
6:00 dh home, eat, load dishwasher.
7:00 collect dd1 while ds has bath with dh
7:15 bath for dd1+2
7:45 listen to dd2 read and read to her
8:15 listen to dd1 read and read to her (dh sometimes does this).
8:45 tidy up, hopefully will have put washing on at some point so put this in tumble dryer. Get lunches ready, get clothes ready for next day.
10ish, watch tv, go to bed.

Looking forward to when ds is in nursery a bit more, generally housework + shopping are done with him around or at night, will be nice to be able to do some housework before 9pm.

Daily shopping sounds too much though, maybe do online shopping twice a month to stock up, and then an evening shop by car once or twice a week, makes you menu plan too soo saves having to spend time thinking what to eat every day. Maybe go while your dh puts the older dc to bed? 5hrs shopping a week is too long unless of the wandering around shopping centre variety .

DewDr0p Wed 02-Jan-13 10:55:20

Another one who thinks you should maybe give online shopping a try - 1.5 hours at the shops every day seems hugely inefficient to me. Also why do you need to shower twice a day? The hour to yourself before the dcs get up sounds lovely - there is no way I could haul myself out of bed though grin

Virgil Wed 02-Jan-13 10:40:28

Please can I have your life

Mine At the moment is

Get up at 5am
Shower etc and get ready for work
5.45 quick whizz around to make sure kids have everything ready and get breakfast things out.
Leave house at 6 to drive to work
7.15 get to work
Work flat out without lunch break (grab sandwich at desk)
Leave office at 4pm
Drive back to collect kids from after school club at 5.15
Drive home get back at 5.45
Cook dinner, supervise homework, baths etc
Feed children, pack bags for next day.
7pm Bedtime story and supervise reading
Kids settled hopefully by 7.45
7.30 DH returns from work and has a cuddle with kids I go downstairs and put washing on
8pm dinner
8.30 do packed lunches for next day
9pm usually at least an hour of work
10pm sort clothes for next day
10.30 collapse

You can cut out your daily shop by using online grocery by the way. You don't need a car for that. I do my meal plan and shop once a week. It takes about 10-20min to make the order and I don't repeat buy anything. Most of the time is for the actual meal planning. If you repeat often, you can use apps like pepperplate. It'll create a shopping list for you depending on your menu selection.

Gooseysgirl Wed 02-Jan-13 10:35:45

OP I work full time and could not survive without online grocery shopping, saves a huuuuge amount if time so I would definitely make that your starting point for saving time. And good luck TTC if you decide to go again, we're about to try for DC2 smile

Sounds like a nice life you have, I agree with others. Luxury of a daily shop, paper reading and horse riding.

My day

6:45 wake up, shower, change toddler
7:30 breakfast with toddler (but sometimes this runs late and I'm in a huge hurry like today)
8:00 nursery run, then commute to work in my bicycle. this is my quite me time
8:30 office
5:15-5:30 leave works (husband picks up DD from nursery, he leaves for work at 7am)
5:45 plays with DD
6:15 baths DD, bedtime story etc
7:00 cooks dinner
7:30 eat and then dishes
usually 8:30 relax time, but also time for doing laundry and one night a week is meal planning and online grocery ordering
10:00 bed

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