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Does your house have seasonal hangover? Big clean up back to normal temp thread

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Feelingood Tue 01-Jan-13 12:20:05

I've had my DM to stay for 8 nights shock

2 days of recovering from that then my DH has been off for two weeks hmm

Ive been happy to take a back seat and let DH do the domestic side, I've been spoilt really with all the cooking and getting kids dressed etc....Im a SAHP so a break is nice no?

Well the truth is now he is going back to work I'm just taking in wtchuff has been going on, the state the house is in.

There is chilli from here to everywhere, caked on t towels
The laundry is , i can't even will take me two weeks i reckon with limited drying space.
The lounge i could see it was getting bad and need hovering but it took me ages to get it al up - it will need spot cleaning by hand and then shampooing
the bathrooms well I've kept the bleach going but they needs a good scrub
Ive cleared fridge - disgusting, there was sprouts from xmas day in there all mushed up - gross

Really, as greta as my DH has been and done all cooking, if I don't stick to my daily flyesque routine it all goes to pot truly it does.

So I needs a big clean up...

Oreocrumbs Wed 16-Jan-13 20:18:12

How are we all doing?

Hope you got your uni work finished Feelingood.

No change here, the place so disorganised still that although I've been quite busy, it is taking all of my time to do regular house work - so no progress made.

Things just keep cropping up! Was all set to do some digging out while DD was in nursery, but we had bad snow so after I walked the dogs I had an hours set aside for that, but spent that hour clearing the estate so I could get the car out!

Then of course we had to go sledging in the afternoon!

Think my SF is going to have my dogs away for a few days next week so that will free up a lot of time and I promise to use it wisely!

Feelingood Fri 18-Jan-13 21:25:51

Hello oreo yes i got it in thanks. I love studying then feel guilty when im near deadline cos nothing gets done.

Oooo similar here too, things are ok down stairs as re normal cleaning but need to get a deeper level done really, like windows, carpets shampooed.

Upstairs is a mess. Pile of clothes and ds has been allowed to have his Lego skylander city fill hi floor for weeks now. Beds need changing, bathroom needs a scrub.

We snowed in now prob for a few days so might tackle upstairs. Least OU got some fun out of it I felt mean I told ds he had to stay in today and we don't have a sledge. I think I might try to get him one.

buildingmycorestrength Sun 20-Jan-13 22:16:11

Hello! Am just recovering after two children's borthdays quickly after Christmas - last party was yesterday so am planning big clean up /chuck out/ sorting out this next week. Trips to the tip as bins are overflowing, new shelves as old one fell down, etc etc. Lots to do!

Feelingood Mon 21-Jan-13 00:56:07

Hello building, this thread is moving v v slowly correlated to house taks avoidance! Welcome post your list up tomorrow if you like.

I must

Put clean clothes away
Laundry x 3
Dust and Hoover bedrooms
Scrub bathroom
Hoover stairs

Make an eyeball - snow day projects
Read enchanted wood with ds
Keep dd fed and tempered!

Oh and DH is working from home so probably not be able to Hoover much!

buildingmycorestrength Wed 23-Jan-13 12:24:50

hi! Have had a big sort out in the kitchen this morning, and defrosted the freezer too!

This afternoon is sorting out my daughter's clothes.

Am managing to stay on top of email so that is helping with stress levels smile

Oreocrumbs Thu 24-Jan-13 19:01:36

Gah the world is conspiring against me!

This afternoon, I set about sorting out the big airing cupboard. Armed with my new vac bags from lakeland and ready to wage war.

Got one filled, then the other big one broke and the rest were too small hmm.

Then the cat decide he was moving in there and went on the attack every time I tried to shift him.

Then DP arrived, found some old boxing mags and decided to sit RIGHT THERE are read them grrrrrr.

Then DD came to play and I gave up.

I shoved everything back in in a worse state than before confused.

So one step forward and two steps back seems apt today.

When the snow clears I'm going to have a day sorting out the garage so I can get a builder round to price knocking some holes in it!

Feelingood Sat 26-Jan-13 17:05:57

I've done superficial cleaning stuff downstairs. I'm in bit of a hole generally.

Upstairs is tip. Can't have anyone over. I've used the snow as an excuse not to go out.

My roots need doing badly, diet is shocking and I've overspent this month had to put last shop and petrol on credit card.

I need to get a grip really and get organised! I have got ds to school and fed them all and done uni work, so I'm not a total washup but I feel pretty grim today.

Well done for getting the bags at least, sounds like you had a few saboteurs! What do you want holes in garage for? Or have I misunderstood?

Signed the domestic dome dragon grin

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