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Was it wrong of me to have a chuckle at this?

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FreshWest Sun 30-Dec-12 10:21:35

DH got up early with dd this morning leaving me in bed as I have a stinking cold. I got up to find he'd decided to do the washing up, wipe down the surfaces and sweep the kitchen floor. Ah bless, I thought, how thoughtful seeing as I feel so rubbish but as a SAHM I feel it's mostly my responsibility though he does a lot to be fair.

Anyway, five minutes later dd wants some toast, so more washing up and then crumbs on the surface, then she finishes that with a custard cream biscuit which she likes to eat by pulling the biscuit apart, so lots more crumbs on the floor.
DH wailed "daddy just swept that up".

Was I wrong to smile and say "welcome to my world!"

AppleOgies Sun 30-Dec-12 10:37:58


My DH does this after he's done the dishes and suddenly a sippy cup appears. Or after he's hoovered and DS demands a rice cake!

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