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Thick soap scum v. enamel bath v. BFF

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ChristmasFairyLights Sun 30-Dec-12 16:08:40

Astonish oven and cookwear paste! Cleaned up my very skanky old enamel bath beautifully. Mildly abrasive but it says its suitable for enamel baths. Get it in the pound shop, or in Home Bargains for 69p.

Honestly, can't recommend it enough. I gave a guided tour of my bathroom after I'd used it, it madesuch a difference!

PigletJohn Sun 30-Dec-12 11:23:34


No abrasive cleaners (including cream cleaners)

Have you used a bathroom spray yet? Flash or own-brand. They are formulated to remove limescale and soap scum.
The coating will also include exfoliated skin cells and oil.

A nylon scourer (preferably white which is softer) will help scrub it off and will not damage the glaze.

BoffinMum Sun 30-Dec-12 09:56:02

Hagesan have professional products for things like this.

Try HG Bath Shine

Bonsoir Sun 30-Dec-12 09:54:06

HG Bath Cleaner, from a hardware store, is very good.

sparkle12mar08 Sun 30-Dec-12 09:51:16

Get a plastic scraper of any description and gently scrape off what you can to start with - if you can scratch words into it with your finger nail a plastic scraper should be fine. Plastic spatula from the kitchen would do, at least then you only have residue to deal with.

crunchingicicles Sat 29-Dec-12 20:47:32 This is a list of approved cleaning products for use on enamel, produced by the Vitreous Enamel Association. Looks like there are pages on the side with specific cleaning info. What a nightmare!

KoalaCakes Sat 29-Dec-12 17:04:53

kinda reluctant to try abrasives on an enamel bath. It was brand new before Scumboy got hold of it! Think I'll try the soap powder one...have used that when I had a gas cooker to remove unshiftables. Talking of cookers...I darent even mention what he's done to that......

thanks folks!

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Sat 29-Dec-12 16:49:14

what about washing up liquid?

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Sat 29-Dec-12 16:44:51

you will probably need an abrasive to get the scum off - they are all bathroom products so are all suitable for cleaning baths!

Olbasoil Sat 29-Dec-12 16:41:56

V hot water and soap powder, scrub with soft scourer when water cools.

KoalaCakes Sat 29-Dec-12 16:36:51

...apart from the baby oil of course! ....imagine!

KoalaCakes Sat 29-Dec-12 16:36:21

But arent all those abrasive?!

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Sat 29-Dec-12 16:34:16

ajax is another powder for use in baths

anothercuppaplease Sat 29-Dec-12 16:33:30

cif or try a to rub in a little baby oil (I know, don't laugh) to loosen up the dirt first. But I think that cif would do the job.

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Sat 29-Dec-12 16:31:59

vim? Cif? And use a bathroom scourer sponge

KoalaCakes Sat 29-Dec-12 16:27:16

Ok, so I've flown back to my flat for the festive season to find the BFF (who is renting it from me) hasn't cleaned the bathroom in 4 months!!!! He uses bar soap in the bath/shower and has managed to recoat my beautiful enamel bath with a thick layer of soap scum. After scratching the hint 'CLEAN ME' into it, he asked me how. 'No bleach' as Ive told him, but everything else we tried was futile. Cillit Bang just rolled off it and it laughed at the boiling water I poured over it. Short of making BFF scrub his way through it with his Hobbit feet Im clueless as to what to do without damaging the bath. Google has supplied various 'remedies' but none have worked. Not tried the 'industrial' ones.....

and I won't start with the pink/black spots previously white shower curtain!

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