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Disorganised Procrastinators sign in here........

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DillyDallyDawdle Sat 29-Dec-12 12:56:10

I procrastinate.......about everything (see, I'm doing it now - DH is out with the DD's and I could be in the shower, putting the washing mountain away or filing the paperwork, but I'm not, I'm on here starting this thread).

My house is full of junk, nothing has a place, I have a to do list a mile long and nothing ever gets done until the last minute because I am so disorganised, often meaning that I lose opportunities, money etc.

A lot has happened this year - I went back to work after maternity, my job has changed due to my boss retiring and now has more responsibility, my eldest has started school and in a moment of madness I have managed to volunteer to get the school PTFA set up properly and charity registered and myself elected as secretary.

Things HAVE to change and soon otherwise the precariously balanced house of cards that is my life will collapse with disastrous consequences for mine and my families lives.

So, I know that new years resolutions usually don't last much past 5th January, and getting myself organised is a resolution I have made many a year past and failed to keep, but this time I am determined.

I am hoping that by getting things down here, you lovely lot can help to keep me on track and maybe if others are as bad at being organised and procrastinating as I am we can help each other.

So come on .....if you mumsnet when you should be folding the washing, are depressed at the mountain of paperwork you need to get filed, want a lovely organised home and to feel on top of things or just feel generally disorganised and want to do something about it etc etc..... sign in here and let's get 2013 off to a positive, organised and energetic start........

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Sat 29-Dec-12 13:00:55

Signing in. I have the washing piles, the recycling piles, and boxes of flat pack furniture I need to build up but can't until the midden has been obliterated. Trying to get DD to go to her gran's so I can stare at the mess start somewhere. I'm thinking the cardboard boxes need to go 1st.

tak1ngchances Sat 29-Dec-12 13:01:25

Me me me!! I am a disaster. Every day I think I will get lots of jobs done and then end up spending hours on mumsnet. maybe mumsnet is the problem

Ghostsgowoooh Sat 29-Dec-12 13:17:14

I'm in, my house is a tip but I can't get going. I'm doing my bedroom in fits and starts but it looks no different.

None of us are dressed

qo Sat 29-Dec-12 13:20:32

Going to work now, but marking my place!

tak1ngchances Sat 29-Dec-12 13:49:29

Listen up listen up ok I have just done a Good Thing!!

Felt v guilty after I posted on this thread, having realised the extent of my laziness, so I set the oven timer for 35 mins (don't know why 35 but seemed a good idea) and got going on one job. That job was emptying the suitcases and putting away the presents from Christmas.


Now I am having lunch and faffing about on mumsnet and then i will set it for another 35 mins and do my bedroom. Wheeeeeeeeee on a rolllllll

BeyondStuffedWithXmassyGoodies Sat 29-Dec-12 14:40:21

Was gonna start my own thread but as you have one already, I'll sign in here smile

New years resolution is to get organised. Hopefully having a good knock on effect on health and finances wink
But like you, I am also starting by posting on MN hmm

I steam cleaned my fridge yesterday, am determined to be on top of downstairs cleaning and take down the bloody decs before new year, so it can start all nice and sparkley. I have ordered a diary to hopefully keep track of what day it is (SAHM, DH is a shift worker, never know what day it is!), and as well as DS1 starting nursery in January, I also start a BF peer supporter course.
Busy busy smile

PeachTown Sat 29-Dec-12 14:51:39

I'm in. I've only just had a wash and got dressed blush (38 weeks pg in my defence).

I have a huge to-do list but have sorted some stuff for the loft, bin and chazzer (inc a few of this years Christmas presents) already today and I've made a start on washing a few bits for the baby.

BeyondStuffedWithXmassyGoodies Sat 29-Dec-12 14:57:58

I'm still in my PJs. And now DS2 (8m) has fallen asleep on me.

Right, time to attempt to put him down and do something. Fold washing and take upstairs...

Onezerozero Sat 29-Dec-12 15:15:34

Me too! I want to join!

IloveChristmasandsodoesmydog Sat 29-Dec-12 15:16:07

I manage to get day to day housework done, it's the piles of old clothes, baby stuff, books, etc that got usurped when we moved three years ago and are still sitting round the house that depress me.

Oh and the awful looking rooms that we haven't got around to decorating.

There is honestly so much crap piling up in my house that we have kind of got used to it and move around it without really noticing it anymore. I just don't know where to start and the thought of throwing out the baby things fills me with dread.

Where do I sign?

BeyondStuffedWithXmassyGoodies Sat 29-Dec-12 15:35:53

Washing still damp (living room looks like widow twankeys!) so took some tinsel down instead. Have an awful cold and have to keep sitting down to catch my breath!
Have washed and bagged up most of mine and DHs old PJs ready to go to charity as had all new for xmas

Jinsei Sat 29-Dec-12 16:42:50

I'm signing in. My house is a mess and I spend far too much time procrastinating on mumsnet etc. Every year I resolve to be different. I hope that 2013 will be the one when I truly stick to my resolve! any help and support would be much appreciated!!

tak1ngchances Sat 29-Dec-12 16:59:21

Today I have done:
Unpacking from Christmas
7 loads of laundry
2 dishwasher loads
Tidying 2 bedrooms, sitting room & kitchen

<polishes halo>

Mind you, the other bedroom is fierce bad as I just stuffed everything in there that I couldn't find a home for/be bothered with.

DoIgetastickerforthat Sat 29-Dec-12 17:11:19

Me! Me! I'm in. My house is permanently a tip and is getting me down. I do try to sort and organise but being married to a hoarder and having 3 kids (fourth due in 10 days, so perhaps not really the time to be making unrealistic resolutions, but hey ho), it feels like I am swimming against the current the whole time.

Still, today I have cleaned the bottom oven, swept and hoovered the bottom stairs and folded a load of washing which I will take upstairs and put away once DH emerges from his pit. Nowhere looks any better but they are jobs that desperately needed doing, so at least it's a start.

MyDingaling Sat 29-Dec-12 18:06:11

This thread was started about this time last year and although there are pages and pages - it really helped me.

DillyDallyDawdle Sat 29-Dec-12 20:02:19

Well, today I've managed to hang up some clothes that didn't need ironing (or at least I hope the creases will drop out before I want to wear them wink). We also sorted out DH's wardrobe and have an Ikea bag full of clothes to go to the charity shop and two bin bags full of rubbish - half empty wardrobe is now being used to house my (2 x 10litre boxes) fabric stash.

This means that our bedroom is now tidy-ish for the first time in months. Just need to polish and run the hoover round tomorrow.

Now the 64 Thousand Dollar question is what do I do when the girls are in bed - something productive or sit on the couch with beer and chocolate?

JingleJohnsJulie Sat 29-Dec-12 21:17:40

What did you decide Dilly? Did the beer and chocolate win?

I'm signing in too. Not sure if its Mn, the beer and chocolate or just being a lazy tart that's the problem but something has to change! grin

MaryChristmaZEverybody Sat 29-Dec-12 21:23:07

Can I join this thread.

I am avoiding doing any washing, and indeed doing anything much at all atm.

But I will start tomorrow probably

DillyDallyDawdle Sat 29-Dec-12 21:47:25

Beer and chocolate Jingle - but only because the girls have only just gone to bed - very very late night for them. I'm sure that if they'd been in bed at their usual time, I would have been much more productive oh look a whole swarm of flying pigs

We're off to the MILs tomorrow for our annual boxing day lunch which was postponed due to illness so I only have until about 12:30 to get some jobs done.

Sending out productive vibes to all thread joiners - tomorrow is another day.

JingleJohnsJulie Sat 29-Dec-12 22:01:44

Yes, yes it was the DDs grin. I've just hit a new low for a Saturday night and just had a look at the fly lady as in I'm still messing about ont'internet and not actually doing anything

JingleJohnsJulie Sat 29-Dec-12 22:04:17

Don't think you have to shout for it to be a battle, think it refers to you coaxing, cajoling, offering alternatives and him refusing as it gets him more attention or something more favourable to eat or both smile

JingleJohnsJulie Sat 29-Dec-12 22:05:07

Bloody Mn and ipad, posted on the wrong bloody thread and not even pissed!

BeyondStuffedWithXmassyGoodies Sun 30-Dec-12 10:12:32

I've downloaded a new list making app and spent a lot of last night writing down the big jobs. Very impressed with it so far, it was called "priorities" and cost £1.99 if anyone is interested smile

IsawFoofyShmoofingSantaClaus Sun 30-Dec-12 10:36:46

Oh I'm joining this one. We got up at 8.30 and I've been on here since. DH has just jumped up and fed the dog and is now rumbling around in the kitchen. The guilt is awful. So I might move. In a minute.

I could have written your OP by the way. Well most of it.

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