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Largest capacity washer/dryer

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Daisybell1 Fri 28-Dec-12 18:44:53

We may be getting to the point of needing a new washer dryer. It can only be a combi one as there is no space for a separate dryer in the kitchen and there is no suitable place outside.

I have a farmer and a toddler so it seems very sensible to get the largest capacity machine.

Can anyone recommend a good large capacity machine?

clippityclop Sat 29-Dec-12 00:23:31

We have LG 8kg washer and separate dryer here - great because I can wash and dry single size down/ feather duvets. Well reviewed in Good Housekeeping when we bought them.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 29-Dec-12 10:58:43

Samsung do a 12kg washer, could you put a dryer on top of it?

MsElleTow Sat 29-Dec-12 11:06:47

I've got the equivalent wasing machine of this washer dryer.

I love it, there are four of us all adult sized and it has cut down the amount of loadsI do each week quite substantially. I can wash a double bedding set and a king sized bedding set together.

It has a lot of fancy programmes on it too. You can steam clothes that need freshening up, there are allergy programmes which give extra rinses to get rid of all the soap, a bedding and bath programme. As it is a 1600 spin, lots of the washing comes out very nearly dry too.

Daisybell1 Sat 29-Dec-12 18:21:30

Thanks for the suggestions, there's no space at all for a separate one (although I wish there was). I'll check out your link MsElleTow, thank you!

BananaPie Sat 29-Dec-12 20:18:29

We have an aeg electrolux washer dryer. The washer is 7kg - not sure if that would be big enough?

Daisybell1 Sun 30-Dec-12 10:52:13

Thanks banana, we currently have a 6kg wash with a 4kg dryer so I was hoping for something a fair bit larger.

Is it possible to get industrial scale ones for b&bs?

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