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Marble or Granite chopping board

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CotedePablo Thu 20-Dec-12 15:25:07

I'm trying to source a reasonably priced marble chopping board, but most are over £30 or so. I found this one on Argos -

Argos Chopping Board

It's a gift for someone who wants to do 'sugarwork', though I'm not quite sure what that entails. Would granite do the job as well as marble?

Thanks in advance for any help.

BendyBobsBrusselsSprouts Thu 20-Dec-12 15:29:24

Isn't marble quite porous and stains easily? I had a marble fire hearth once and a wet glass left a ring mark on it.

CotedePablo Thu 20-Dec-12 15:36:04

I don't know BendyBob, I've never had one. Wouldn't one made as a chopping board maybe be treated in some way to prevent that?

Startail Thu 20-Dec-12 15:44:17

I have a big slab if granite and a smaller marble board.

They make brilliant cold surfaces for pastry and cake icing. I wouldn't chop on them as they would scratch. The marble, particularly isn't that tough.

CotedePablo Thu 20-Dec-12 15:46:13

Ok, I think the cold surface is what I'm looking for, and I don't think she wants it for cutting or chopping, so will probably go ahead and get the granite one. Thanks Startail.

Startail Thu 20-Dec-12 15:47:19

should add the marble doesn't seem to stain. At least not with evil paste food colours, that wreck my pine table.

The granite is black, so you can't tell.

AdoraJingleBells Sat 22-Dec-12 23:12:50

Marble is poruos, so no good for raw meat etc. I would think the granite should be fine, although I'm not an expert in these things.

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