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Cleaner Xmas tip?

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Anothercuppatea Mon 17-Dec-12 10:13:59

We've only had cleaner for a couple of months. She comes every 2 weeks. Charges £60 per 2week clean.

She is lovely and i woul like to give xmas tip but I've never had a cleaner before and not sure what the going rate is for Xmas tip. What does everyone else do?

LadyMaryChristmas Mon 17-Dec-12 10:17:19

A tip? Tell her to move the furniture so it's easier to clean underneath. wink

Anothercuppatea Mon 17-Dec-12 10:19:19

Haha, Just re read my title and probably didn't phrase is well! I meant a Xmas tip for my cleaner. Not a tip for a cleaner Xmas !

LadyMaryChristmas Mon 17-Dec-12 10:21:34

never eat yellow snow A box of chocolates should be fine as she's pretty new.

betterwhenthesunshines Mon 17-Dec-12 13:25:02

I usually give money (extra week wages) but not for someone who hasn't been with you for long. Any small gift fine - scented candle?

Anothercuppatea Mon 17-Dec-12 13:55:55

Thanks. I was going to do £20 but perhaps that's a bit much

madcows Mon 17-Dec-12 15:22:44

I pay one week holiday pay at Xmas (and 3 more weeks of holiday pay later in the year). For a present I give £20 in Waitrose vouchers.

OneLittleToddlingTerror Mon 17-Dec-12 15:28:23

I give £10 and that's 1/2 a weeks pay. I think I'm a bit tight! I think many gives a weeks pay.

MoomieAndFreddie Mon 17-Dec-12 15:33:54

i am a cleaner and one of my lovely clients gave me a whole weeks wages shock i was amazed and touched at her generosity

but tbh i personally wouldn't expect a christmas tip, i think maybe £10 or a box of chocs or flowers would be ok for most cleaners?

OneLittleToddlingTerror Mon 17-Dec-12 16:18:35

Moomie you must have done a good job for her to give you a big tip grin

MoomieAndFreddie Mon 17-Dec-12 16:28:10

She does seem pleased with my work bless her.

and is a lottery winner so prob not short of a bob or 2

AndIfATenTonTruck Mon 17-Dec-12 16:58:56

Ooh I have been meaning to ask this. My cleaner is a true gem, does a superb job even working around the building work we have had done, has been struck down a few times recently by illness and has really struggled not being able to get to her clients. I was going to give her quite a lot more than a week's wages, but would that be in some way inappropriate? If I put it through her door anonymously would that be better/worse?

OneLittleToddlingTerror Mon 17-Dec-12 17:14:45

I would give a big tip if she's been brilliant during building works. Don't worry about being inappropriate!

chickydoo Mon 17-Dec-12 17:23:55

I have 3 cleaners that come once a fortnight. They are here 2 hours, so that's 6 hours in total. I gave them each an extra £5 this morning. I was going to give them £10 each, but they have only been coming since September. If they are still with me at Easter they will get £10 each.

lurkerspeaks Mon 17-Dec-12 21:52:12

I'm really out of step here. I gave my lovely cleaner (who is going "home" for 4 weeks over Christmas) her usual wages for the month when she isn't here and and extra week as a christmas bonus.

She has been cleaning for me for years though and makes my life much easier be being a generally good sort (will change beds, iron, empty the washing machine, tackle the oven etc).

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