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HELP removing vaseline stains from lots of clothes!

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depressedhusband Mon 10-Dec-12 08:22:15

I'm really p'd off with dh right now. He left a whole mini tub of vaseline in a pocket of shorts which has now been washed and tumble dried. The pot is empty and the clothes are covered in stains! MY clothes! Expensive school uniform cardi's, my NEW xmas jumper! When I folded the washing last night I found what had happened so re-washed the clothes with vanish stain remover in the wash. The looked clean after the wash but not now they have been tumbled. SO many things ruined. Really can't afford to replace either.

I googled what to do and they all talk about removing a small stain by scraping it off and using isopropyl (sp) rubbing alcohol. I can't do that for the amount of stains on these clothes. I'd be there weeks, they are covered in small 50p sized stains.

So does anyone know if I can put anything in the washing machine to get them out? I think the answer is no and I'll have to replace the clothes, but ARG! MEN!

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