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Bulkable soup recipes for Burly Lads needed

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comelywenchlywoo Tue 20-Nov-12 09:26:03

I need to make large pans (10 portions?) ever weekend for family members who're helping to build my house. So far I've given them:

Gammon and lentil broth (DH said it was weird and too watery)
Butternut squash with chilli and coconut
Roasted red pepper and Tomato (went down really well)

Does anyone have any soup recipes that aren't too much hassle and can be easily made in large quantities? I'd like to give them plenty of variety if poss. I'm not too good at Broths, apparently, but I think that's because I make them up and I'm better following a recipe. Ideally no cream/milk as someone has allergies.

Any help most gratefully received!

PigletJohn Tue 20-Nov-12 10:07:25

Winter veg soup. Boil parsnips (especially, I like parsnips), carrots, swede, onions (though the onions are better fried) until quite soft, blend up in their cooking water, add chicken stock if you have it, black pepper etc to taste, possibly add milk.

You can add potato for economy, though it does not have much taste.

You can blend in a little olive oil, or what you froed the onions in; or you can fry the onions in the same pot that you then boil the vegs in, without cleaning it. If it is the pot that you fried bacon in, that's fine. Leave the traces to improve the flavour.

The one made with parsnip, onion and stock is IMO the best.

Similar with leek and potato soup.

Recipies that call for ham (minestrone, ham and pea, etc) can be made using gammon. It is cheaper, and you can put chunks in (fry the chunks, don't blend it) which makes a more meal-like soup. It is usually quite salty so pour off the cooking juice or fat and add back cautiously to your dish. Smoked has more flavour.

PigletJohn Tue 20-Nov-12 10:09:29

you could also make a kedgeree, which is not a soup but is a big one-pot thing. Use the same pan for frying the onions and cooking the fish to do the rice in, don't clean it out.

Kedgeree is better on the second day.

wheredidiputit Tue 20-Nov-12 11:18:05

This Hearty pasta soup is good.

How you keeping it hot if you are using a slow cooker could you do chilli/sloppy joes with bread or jacket pots.

comelywenchlywoo Tue 20-Nov-12 11:18:50

Oooh thank you. I will definitely try the parsnip soup. I LOVE parsnips too. I'll Google leek and tattie also.
I hadn't considered kedgeree....will do a straw poll to see if it would go down well or if it's too "fancy". My men are very much "meat and two veg" kinda guys!

comelywenchlywoo Tue 20-Nov-12 11:22:44

wheredidi That looks delicious. I think they'd really like that since the liked the tomato based soup previously.

I'm making the soup up for them in a big pan or tupperware container and then sending it to the caravan where they reheat it on the hob. My MIL suggested the slow cooker which I though was a great idea, but head honcho onsite (FIL) wasn't too keen. I'll broach the subject again tho because I think chilli would be a great dinner for them in the evening (they stay over the weekend).

CMOTDibbler Tue 20-Nov-12 11:22:47

Chilli soup is good - just make a chilli with more tomato than usual and you can offer sour cream/cheese to put on top.

DewDr0p Tue 20-Nov-12 12:32:11

minestrone (JO does a good recipe, surely googlable?)

curried parsnip (I do this one )

leek potato and carrot (google Delia's leek and potato and add a few carrots)

MoreBeta Tue 20-Nov-12 12:36:55

I have done Italian bread soup in the past and it is certainly tasty, filling and cheap.

Sleepyfergus Tue 20-Nov-12 19:07:10

Red lentil and bacon. Very yummy and filling. You can keep it chunky or whizz it so its smoother.

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