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Removing yellowish marks on DHs white shirts. Help me

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ripsishere Mon 19-Nov-12 03:26:06

That's it really. He wears white shirts for work and I've noticed they are a bit yellowy in the armpit area.
He wears antiperspirant, showers twice daily and is generally a pretty fragment man.
Unfortunately, we are in Malaysia so specific recommendations for detergent will probably be undoable.
I am looking for more esoteric ideas please.

MarjorieAntrobus Mon 19-Nov-12 03:45:53

Hey Rips!

You've been in forrin parts before, haven't you? Did this happen then?

As you know, I too am in MY. Haven't seen this with DH's shirts, nor with the DCs' school shirts for the most part, though there can be a problem with funny water making the laundry go browny/grey. I have had that problem once or twice.

I don't have an answer, though I feel i should.

Cadmum Mon 19-Nov-12 04:00:08

Apparently it is the antiperspirant that causes the staining. Maybe switching brands is worth a try? When we has this issue while living in Cambodia I used oxyclean and then dried the offending shirts in the sun.

I hope someone is along with a more thorough solution.

RunningOutOfIdeas Mon 19-Nov-12 04:16:14

It is deodorant that does this. I have removed the stains from DH's shirts with a spray called Deo-go, bought from Amazon. Looking at the bottle, it seems to be mainly hydrochloric acid, so I guess some other types of acid might work. You need to spray the stain and then rub it in then leave it to work for an hour before washing it out.

ripsishere Mon 19-Nov-12 05:29:41

Interesting, yes we've been in foreign parts before, but DH used a stick then. Maybe it's the roll on causing it? in fact it must be.
:Dull alert:: when he joined me and DD in England, he'd been living on his own in Antwerp for a year. He didn't realize you bought AP from the supermarket and had gone to the chemist for some.
They offered him roll on and, in his doziness he decided it was a better bet than dry stick stuff and used it. He then spotted it in the supermarket and, since it was cheaper bought it and, in fact, got 12 because he liked it so much.
I'll have a look for some Oxyclean, I think I've seen it in Giant. Failing that, it's onto the Amazons for me.
Many thanks.

sharklet Mon 19-Nov-12 05:37:09

Mad as it sounds have you tried sunning them? I was amazed when I did this with DH's shirts around collars, cuffs and under arms.

Wash, and dry in direct sunlight. Works a treat for many stains. like in them olden days ;)

ripsishere Mon 19-Nov-12 05:49:23

I'll give it a go on the next sunny day we have.
Currently, it's raining every day and, although it's very warm there isn't any proper sun ITMS.
I did fleetingly think of bleach, then changed my mind.

sleeplessinsuburbia Mon 19-Nov-12 08:44:43

Very hot water soak in borax, bleach, dish washing powder and washing powder of equal quantities - about a cup, just enough water to cover, then hot wash.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 19-Nov-12 16:51:16

Heat some vinegar in a saucepan. When it's hot pour it over the stain.

Wash it on a hot wash with bio powder.

I use smartprice vinegar.

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