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Best cleaning product to clean a cream fabric couch

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bleargh Tue 13-Nov-12 19:12:21

Hi, I have a cream fabric couch and it's looking really very grubby now. I'd love to clean it but am unsure how. The cushion covers come off so I can run them through a wash. I am worried though that they'll shrink. Then there are the arms and sides of the couch. How could I clean these? I had a beige courduory couch in the past and ds vomited on it a few times. I used some kind of Vanish upholstery cleaner but it just left a stain on the couch so I'm reluctant to buy that again.

Thanks a million for any advice smile.

bleargh Wed 14-Nov-12 11:14:45


fussychica Wed 14-Nov-12 16:44:14

Watching this as have a similar problem though have washed my seat and cushion covers without a problem. Did use some car upholstery cleaner on it once which worked pretty well but I can't remember the name of it confused

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