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Anyone got a Lancanche range? Or advice regarding a seriously good range cooker.

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Pesephone Mon 12-Nov-12 14:51:35


Pesephone Fri 09-Nov-12 20:40:07

We are buying a new house, finger's crossed it all goes through smoothly. Well the kitchen is much bigger and I have always wanted a nice big range cooker as I am a serious cook. I am totally lusting after the Lancanche Macon. Does anyone have one or any other in their range that they'd care to share their experiences with me. Its a heck of a purchase and there are some scathing online reviews for the Cluny model, but equally there are people waxing hideous regarding Falcon and Britania and Aga. Help where is a girl to turn with it all.

My priorities are ability to be LPG gas as the new house has no mains connected.

Big enough ovens to roast a huge joint of Beef fore rib bones stood up and or a big ol Turkey.

separate grill

gas oven and or convection's(fan assisted) as I loath static electric

hot enough for decent yorkshire puds and a strong enough burner to get a good char on a steak while maintaining a medium rare centre.

and no windows in the doors simply as that is the look I prefer.

ooh and a range of nice colours.

so all advice and opinions appreciated

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