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I know this has been done a million times...

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BertieBotts Thu 08-Nov-12 22:10:04

But please, help me to learn how to keep my house tidy. I am utterly useless at it. And the worst part is, I have no idea why it gets so bad - I tidy up and it looks great, and then by the time (4yo) DS goes to bed it's a tip again and I'm totally baffled as to how it happens!

I know the theory, tidy up as you go, etc (although never seem to remember to do this in practice) and having small places for everything in each room helps a lot, but just stuff like crumbs and food wrappers ending up in random places gets me down.

DP (who is currently abroad so can't help) suggested getting a cleaner, and I love the idea, but for some reason haven't done so yet - I think I'm worried about the cleaner judging me blush and, also, I have no idea what a cleaner actually does so I'm slightly worried I'll end up hiring one and then won't know what to ask them to do etc. I saw an ad at the post office for one, though, which sounded good.

Does anyone have any failsafe tips? I need to start again!

onetiredmummy Fri 09-Nov-12 06:59:00

Marking place smile

Whenisitmysleepytime Fri 09-Nov-12 09:05:59

You have to put your house up for sale and be desperate to move! smile

Only thing that has worked for me. blush

The house is always ready within 30 mins and things like mopping the floor are much easier because it's done regularly.

I may well give it up if the house ever sells! hmm

FierceShushing Fri 09-Nov-12 10:33:41

I can recommend getting a cleaner. With the arrival of dd we hired one through an agency and it is really great having that pressure lifted, and having the whole house clean and tidy throughout once a week. It gives you a clean sheet every week and inspires you to keep it a bit tidier. It is strange having someone come into your home and do things you might feel you should be doing yourself, not to mention if you haven't quite managed to get dressed yet hem, hem, but at certain times in life everyone needs extra help. The cleaner should not judge you or even care particularly, I don't think ours gives a monkey, but you must meet her (usually a woman!) first to make sure you like her and discuss what you want her to do. She should be willing to do what you want in the way you want it done, within reason. If you wanted she could tidy up as well as clean. Ours cleans the bathrooms and loos, hoovers throughout, cleans floors damp dusts and generally straightens things as she goes and anything extra, time allowing.

As far as keeping on top of it, don't beat yourself up too much. It is inevitable that things get messy. You could achieve an immaculate house - if you entirely ignore your children imo. Ds1 is 2 and has lots of toys and whenever he asks to play with a toy, or asks to watch a bit of cbeebs, I say yes, but FIRST we must tidy up the last thing he's been doing. I give lots of encouragement as we do it and I think it is a helpful strategy in keeping a lid on the chaos. Also, after they are in bed, I immediately tidy up in the kitchen and other black spots accompanied by essential wine.

The other thing I do is to go out quite alot! Park, toddler groups, soft play, that sort of thing. You can't mess up the house if you are not in it!

Good luck, Bertie.

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