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Help me find a stove top kettle.

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shhhgobacktosleep Sun 04-Nov-12 20:42:50

As title states really.

I've had enough of buying bloomin new electric kettles all the time and no matter whether they were cheap or expensive the result is very quickly (2yrs max life) the same - kaput no tea for you shhh. We live in a very hard water area and I don't think this helps so have decided to just get a stove top one.

Perhaps sadly though I want it to look lovely as well as perform. Anyone fancy helping me choose?

MrsMiniversCharlady Sun 04-Nov-12 20:48:26

Stove top ones are much more expensive to run IME. We have bottled gas and we got through a whole bottle in just over a month (!!) when we had a stove top kettle - 35 pounds worth!! It also takes much, much longer to boil than an electric kettle.

Anyway, if you're still interested after that wink I have a Prestige one in red which looks really nice and is very handy for when we have power cuts, but no way would I use it all the time.

Netguru Sun 04-Nov-12 20:49:20

Le cruset. But they do take ages to boil.

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