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Stick vacuums - any good? Recommendations welcome

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Jins Fri 02-Nov-12 11:29:18

I'm a serial vacuum purchaser to be honest but this is an area I've never needed until now.

I've got a shoulder injury which is likely to take a fair few months to heal and I'm struggling with the array of vacuums that I've got. My upright Dyson is just too heavy to manage and while I can cope with my Sebo Felix I really feel it the next day.

I've got a Henry but for all the good it is I may as well use a dustpan and brush.

So I'm looking to invest. I don't need a rechargeable but I do need one that will cope with everyday vacuuming on all surfaces. I'll be using it in the caravan as well so it needs to be light. I can't afford the Dyson and I found the GTech AirRam a bit heavy when I tried it out

Any suggestions? Or is there a lightweight cylinder out there that may be better?

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