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Crinkly curtains

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thinkfast Wed 31-Oct-12 22:56:13

I have just bought beautiful new curtains and tie backs however after only a few days I can see the curtains are beginning to look crumpled from where the tie backs are joking them in place during the day.

Any suggestions or should I just let them hang open and notuse the tie backs?

thinkfast Thu 01-Nov-12 19:08:45

Bump or was this a stupid question?

dreamingofsun Sat 03-Nov-12 15:09:35

are they linen? we had linen curtains a few years ago and they creased, though thankfully seem to stop getting worse after a while. if they are linen i would stop using the tiebacks. there some spray you can use, but it didn't make much difference to ours.

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