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Carpet Cleaning

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LivingThings Tue 30-Oct-12 22:47:30

I had my home carpetted in cream (ish) carpets around 4 years ago (before children)and they now look positively grubby! I have crawled round with 1001 spray spot cleaning and used my vax but they really do still look rather shabby. Was really just after tips as to which detergent was best to get for machine or a miracle cure if anyone has one! thanks

paneer Wed 31-Oct-12 09:46:25

Get them cleaned professionally.

I have someone coming over today. Stairs, landing and 2.5 bedrooms for 150. Last time I had them cleaned was 5 years ago.

Have a no shoes rule on carpet as that helps to keep it clean as well as wear and tear.

BettyandDon Wed 31-Oct-12 09:56:16

Professional cleaning does by far the best job. I actually think I've damaged / stained my cream carpets even more by attempting to remove stains myself.

However, today I decided that after 2.5 years of professional cleaning every 4 months or so that I am throwing good money after bad and am going to look at new carpets today.

I'm buying a cheap as I can get dark coloured carpet. Before DC I thought oh I will get a high quality, high wool durable carpet (in cream) - worst decision I made with regards home decor. I want to scream every time I look at my carpet sad Even plain water stains it! I actually feel quite angry when I consider that I bought it sporting a rather enormous bump and the bloke in the store didn't mention cleanliness as a factor to consider!!

I've just come off Crayolas website looking at 'stain removal' for their lovely WASHABLE marker pens. it says use alcohol, then specific carpet cleaner - not what I call that washable...

I am so bitter about my carpets..

paneer Wed 31-Oct-12 10:20:31

How old are your carpets?

BettyandDon Wed 31-Oct-12 10:22:07

The same age as my daughter 2.2 yrs !!! Shocking I know - such a waste of money....

I also blame my cat. He has dirty paws...

PhyllisDoris Wed 31-Oct-12 11:55:24

We hire a cleaner for about £20. Detergent is about £5 per bottle. Takes 30 mind to do living room carpet with great results.

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