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Fledglings Remember to FLY through November...

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BlueEyeshadow Tue 30-Oct-12 22:25:52

If your house is a mess and you are strugging with C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome) and S.T.U.F.F. (something that undermines family fun) then this is the thread where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own, unique, relaxed style) with lots of chat, support and wine along the way.

This little-and-often system is designed so that you can follow a series of steps and routines each day (which gradually become second nature) in weekly designated zones of the house; defining and minimising housework - which in theory should leave you with more time to do other more interesting things instead! At the same time it is intended to reduce that panicky "rabbit in headlights" feeling when you are overwhelmed and everything needs doing all at once. No problem if you miss a day or two; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

We advise not signing up to receive the Flylady e-mails as you will be inundated! All the information you need will be linked here on a daily basis.

From the first of the month, we will be following Flylady's steps and routines using a three-pronged approach (dependent on the stage everyone is at):

- start or repeat baby steps

- repeat baby steps + do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone

- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

[And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.]

More info here on getting started and Flying lessons. Here's the launch pad for more experienced fledglings. Don't be put off by the barf-tastic language of the site - the underlying system is sound (and you may discover a few of our subversions of the vocabularly along the way).

Many thanks to SC for leading the thread through October (and for such a good OP, which I've blatantly cut and pasted) - thanks - and I'll post the first babysteps and mission tomorrow evening.

All welcome!!

feetheart Tue 30-Oct-12 22:30:33

Oooooo, can I be first to make my place? It might be a good sign after rubbish Flying attempts in Sept and rubbish keeping up with the thread in Oct.

HUGE thanks to SC for keeping us going in October and to Blue for taking on November.

I will do better, I will do better, I will do better...........
I WANT a decluttered house by Christmas.

Catmint Tue 30-Oct-12 22:32:12

Marking place.

Pleeeease release me, let me goooo!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 30-Oct-12 23:55:57

Marking place also.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Tue 30-Oct-12 23:56:02

Marking place here too, hoping I will find my wings again in November under all the clutter

PositiveAttitude Wed 31-Oct-12 00:06:56

Brilliant, I can join in again until the thread gets too long!! smile

Trazzletoes Wed 31-Oct-12 07:35:11

No flying here, but popping in to say hi so I don't lose you lovely lot.

elliepac Wed 31-Oct-12 08:25:20

Checking in. Big waves and hugs to trazzle. i am keeping up with your other thread and am full of admiration for you and your lovely family and Joseph. Stay strong.

nightshade1 Wed 31-Oct-12 08:44:00

can i join?
-before i get swept away under the tidal wave of clutter and housework never to be seen again

laurenamium Wed 31-Oct-12 08:44:05

Checking in from me too! thanks sc for last month and blue for this one!!

strictlycaballine Wed 31-Oct-12 08:59:10

Waves to fellow fledglings. Thanks for shiny new thread Blue!

Just parking my mop & bucket, cobwebs, stacks of microfibre cloths, eyes of newts and pkts of shoelaces ...wink

Great to 'see' you Trazzles Ditto what Ellie said. You , your lovely Joseph and all your family are very much in our daily thoughts on here. So I'm afraid you couldn't lose us even if you wanted to grin x

A very warm welcome to Nightshade and a very warm welcome (back?) to Catmint too!

I'm with you Feetheart on the "must do better" front (think I said that last month too blush) But I am going to do it this time [sets jaw determinedly]!

Ooh - there you are PA (flaps wings excitedly) and more wing flaps to Toffee Ellie Lauren Ellie and everyone else.

Going off to try [drum roll] to actually do some Flying today!!

[SC mounts broom stick and takes to the air unsteadily ..wink ]

issimma Wed 31-Oct-12 09:35:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PositiveAttitude Wed 31-Oct-12 10:14:33

<<waves>> back to SC and Hi to everyone else new and "old".

I am very excited, but I am not sure this is the place to share my excitement...... but I will, anyway! grin

SSssshhhhhhh but tomorrow I am meeting a lady who is likely to become our maid cleaner/helper. I never thought I would do it and I could never understand why people felt the need, but golly gosh it is too hot for any type of housework here and if I can pay someone to do it that's fine by me. In my defence I also see it that I am giving one lady an income that she so desperately needs to be able to help her to feed her family.
So, although I will be around here I will not even pretend to be doing housework! wink I will still be doing all the washing and ironing and cooking because I am a control freak and that is just a step too far! so my input into the thread will be limited! (but then it has been for many years months!! grin

DS now wants laptop and is walking around in circles around me to annoy me until I get off! hmm No, he is not 3 years old, he is 16 years old!!!! Is he too old for a clip around the ear??? According to him he is, and to be honest I would need a step-ladder to reach anything other than his kneecaps!

castlelough Wed 31-Oct-12 11:36:50

<parks broom and with a cackle throws a Halloween party in the Naughty Corner! grin Closing time at midnight! Then November flying begins in earnest!!!>

paneer Wed 31-Oct-12 11:40:09

I am going to try this

CarpeJugulum Wed 31-Oct-12 11:41:20

<slinks in to the naughty bar bearing wine >

Been here all along honest!

CaptainHoratioWragge Wed 31-Oct-12 11:48:19

Ooh hello, may I join you all please?

castlelough Wed 31-Oct-12 13:09:12

Welcome Captain and Paneer grin

paneer Wed 31-Oct-12 14:19:44


Looked at the fly lady site... do I REALLY need to get dressed to lace-up shoes confused

strictlycaballine Wed 31-Oct-12 14:39:00

[Craaaashhhh lands broom in front of naughty corner bar] - I have no control of the steering - honest! grin Swigs a glass or three of Carpe's 's lovely [red] and gets fire going under cauldron. What are you cooking for party grub tonight Castlelough?? wink grin

A warm welcome to Paneer and CaptainHoratio

Paneer don't worry - you don't have to - here is some gumph about why Fat Fairy thinks it is a good idea but many people on here don't. Just adapt system to suit yourself!

PA how exciting about having a maid no less!!

Issima happy nesting Flying!! grin

Ahhhh... have five mins peace now ... dd despatched to hungry workers in office in full witch outfit (purple make up and everything) bearing meringue ghosts in blood (aka chilled red fruit compote with a touch of lemon zest, icing sugar and cognac thrown in) and ginger bread zombies (aka starved looking ginger bread men liberally dusted with ash poppy seeds) Meringue ghosts looked a bit like this but used ordinary egg white and icing sugar recipe and then just piped them on to baking sheets using raisins for eyes. DD's were the best actually (they are more effective the more twisty and mishapen they are!)

I just need to um, clear up the icing sugar and poppy seeds liberally coating the kitchen floor ...

Jamillalliamilli Wed 31-Oct-12 16:28:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Engelsemama Wed 31-Oct-12 17:09:32

Popping in to mark my place. House is a tip so ignoring it and MNing instead (while planning my novel of course grin )

sc that battleships link was great smile

laurenamium Wed 31-Oct-12 20:45:35

<waves to paneer and captainhoratio>

paneer I don't get dressed to shoes, in fact no shoes are allowed passed the kitchen! I took fly lady to mean just make sure you've bothered to actually get dressed and ready for the day, that way you are more motivated to get up and do something rather than just lazing around in pyjamas or maybe that's just me wink

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 31-Oct-12 22:26:00

Evening all, welcome to Paneer, Catmint, Nightshade and CaptainHoratio.

I don't do the lace up shoes thing either sometimes I am still in my PJs at midday but I have got some lovely slippers which do just as well.

Had a moderately busy morning but was flagging by lunchtime and was very grateful for the arrival of my parents this afternoon. Between us we sorted out Hallowe'en outfits and window display, plus trick or treat sweets. DMum helped Ds bake cakes, DDad helped make the DCs tea, then DH arrived home to take the DCs out trick or treating. DH is off work till Monday now which is a relief.

PA - not doing any housework didn't stop me from posting lots on here last month, looking forward to hearing about your progress with the cleaner.

paneer Wed 31-Oct-12 22:29:53

Thanks to all the lovely welcomes smile .... although I am a little scared. I actually have to do stuff.
And I am away tomorrow until Sunday night. Do I have to do everything on Sunday, or just jump in Sunday?

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