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I think I need some help please. Hoover cleaning?

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CharminglyOdd Tue 30-Oct-12 13:16:01

I work away from home enough that I rent a room in a flat in the city I work in. Sometimes I am here for up to ten days at a time. From December it will be Mon-Fri every week. My flatmate is lovely, the rent is cheap but her standards of cleanliness are massively below mine. I think also she is not at home very much - out nearly every evening, away on trips at weekends etc. so doesn't have time.

She has a Hoover (brand) and every time it is used it creates a horrible stink, so bad that when she hoovered last week I hid in my room sad I have to hoover my room again this week - I have put it off for three weeks as I can't stand the smell and my window isn't very drafty so smells linger.

Got about five minutes in and snapped. I need to clean this Hoover but have no idea how (I have a Dyson and you can just take it apart and scrub it). The brand of this machine is TDP 2005 001

There is a drum and I have taken it off the main body, emptied it and separated the clear plastic from the innards. I can see the innards should come apart more but they are welded together with dust and grime. I don't want to break it. Can I just pull everything apart and bleach rinse it?

Going out now to get some vinegar and bicarb to tackle the shower, loo and kitchen... will check in when I get back. If anyone has any tips I'd be very grateful please smile

CharminglyOdd Tue 30-Oct-12 13:22:08

PS- any tips on how to get that horrid smell (that must also come from the carpet) out of my room as opening the window doesn't help would be great please. I always thought burning incense would just mask it?

PigletJohn Tue 30-Oct-12 15:27:17

I looked for instruction manuals on their website, couldn't find them. Have a look or try emailing.

I usually wash plastic parts in warm water with WUL but make sure you have dismantled it from any electrical or cardboard parts anmd dry before reassembly.

you can get deodorising and anti-dustmite granules for vacs.

CharminglyOdd Tue 30-Oct-12 15:42:05

Thank you. I had a google and couldn't find anything which is why I asked here smile It's a really awful smell - hit me as soon as I came back this afternoon. A mixture of feet, sweat and dandruff <vom>

PigletJohn Tue 30-Oct-12 15:51:27

it might have a filter that you can wash or replace.

CharminglyOdd Tue 30-Oct-12 16:04:02

Thanks. I think I will wait for my flatmate to come home today - I wanted to present it as a fait accompli rather than risk an awkward convo about a smelly hoover (and implied criticism of her housekeeping) - but I have pulled apart as much as I dare without breaking it! New filter is the way to go.

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