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What's your daily/weekly routine

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permaquandry Sat 27-Oct-12 08:43:00

Having just gone thru an episode of threadworms (yuck) I have gone into cleaning overdrive and will do for a couple of weeks. Just wondering what everybody's daily and weekly routines are?Want to be clean enough but not OCD (I remember a thread where some people did clean sheets everyday, I cannot keep up with that!)

I currently:

Change all bedding once per week and wash at 50 degs
Change all towels once per week and hand towels 2-3 times
Clean kitchen around 3 times per day (wiping surfaces etc)
Hoover kitchen 2-3 times per day (have puppy and unforgiving floor tiles)
Mop kitchen when big spillage or once per week
Hoover whole house once per week or ad-hoc with any obv mess
Clean bathrooms (incl floor) more often than once per week but toilets very regularly (at least once daily)
Clean leather sofas once per week
Dust whole house once per week

I am now going wash bed teddies and cushions about every few months.

Anything else?

Clary Sun 28-Oct-12 00:36:14

Mine is similar to yours wrt beddign and towels. Hav specific days to wash these (colleagues think I am mad! but I know I have done it then! grin)

I hoover downstairs once a day and may wash kitchen floor as needed too; anyway at least twice a week for that.

Only clean kitchen daily really (not here enough for three times!) but do big kitchen clean of cupboard doors and bin/fridge once a week.

Hoover upstairs twice a week. Do big clean of downstairs, eg dusting, hoover sofas (not leather), clean light fittings etc once a week.

I'm not including laundry, ironing, cooking and washing pots as these are daily tasks.

I also clean out the bread bin and toaster once a week, on a Thursday as it goes, which always amuses a friend whom I often see on a Thursday "did you clean your bread bin?" but again, I know I have done it, and if you don't it goes all manky esp in the summer!

I think you are about there OP smile

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