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Is there any good reason I can't put a condenser dryer upstairs?

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colditz Mon 22-Oct-12 15:30:20

I don't have room downstairs, and a dryer upstairs would solve a lot of laundry problems .... There's room in my bedroom and on the landing.

schobe Mon 22-Oct-12 15:33:24

Can't see why not as long as you empty out the water bit often enough (ours is pretty much every time) and clean out the filter thingy regularly.

I LOVE mine.

colditz Mon 22-Oct-12 15:41:29

Thanks schobe!

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Mon 22-Oct-12 15:42:43

I have mine upstairs. It lives in my bedroom. As long as it's a condenser dryer it will be fine.

mumblechum1 Mon 22-Oct-12 15:44:55

I have mine in my (upstairs) ironing room. I've never had a problem with it.

OptimisticPessimist Mon 22-Oct-12 16:39:08

Mine's upstairs in my bedroom. It hasn't caused me any problems, although it did leak to begin with (pipe to the water container had become disconnected while moving house) and obviously that's a bit of a greater concern upstairs, but as long as you empty the container regularly and check everything's connected properly I don't see any reason not to have it upstairs.

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