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Which fridge-freezer?

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Grockle Fri 19-Oct-12 13:29:13

Samsung for about £610 or Beko for about £450

LadyMaryCreepyCrawley Fri 19-Oct-12 13:32:54

The samsung one is lurvely. I have a whirlpool.

Grockle Fri 19-Oct-12 13:42:19

It is, it feels lovely too. The handles are good and the drawers slide smoothly (unlike my old Beko, where the drawers freeze to the bottom of the fridge & then won't open at all)

LadyMaryCreepyCrawley Fri 19-Oct-12 13:48:20

That's not helpful at all. I do love my fridge freezer, it does need regular defrosting though as the ice builds up in the freezer which makes the door hard to close. Look for something which meets your needs, rather then looks good. Have you looked at the reviews?

Grockle Fri 19-Oct-12 14:01:02

Yep, have looked on Which and read reviews for each model. I'm just being indecisive. I had settled on the Samsung one but now I've been told their fridge freezers are known for being unreliable confused

LadyMaryCreepyCrawley Fri 19-Oct-12 14:02:28

The Beco one is expensive. Have you looked in Argos?

Yorky Fri 19-Oct-12 14:09:40

Don't say Samsung are unreliable sad I'm currently drooling over this one

Grockle Fri 19-Oct-12 14:11:23

Not checked in Argos but have trailed round various Currys and Comet stores and several online shops.

I'm still tempted by the Samsung one. I love that American one.

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