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Mums with preschool DC, How do you keep on top of everything?

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BlackCatinchaos Fri 19-Oct-12 10:27:43

I find it hard to keep on top of the daily chaos.

How do you do it especially if you have lack of sleep and a very active preschooler?

I want to be organised but feel I very rarely have the energy to get it all done.

This is the current situation:
lots of washing up to do
dry clothes washing waiting to be put away
washing on airers getting dry
washing in laundry baskets waiting to be washed
piles of paperwork
I'm sure there is more!

I just feel worn out thinking about everything.

Can anyone help to get me motivated?

belindarose Fri 19-Oct-12 10:36:25

Sorry, can't help as have given up for the day. Baby DS is poorly so is attached to me with a sling. I can't really do much. 'Very active preschooler' DD has been fully left to her own devices. She is making more mess by playing 'witches' with a lovely batch of multicoloured rice I made for her yesterday.

Dog is also being neglected. He has been allowed to have a bone indoors.

I'm guessing I'll somehow deal with all of this tomorrow before the in-laws arrive, or better still, maye MIL will help!

Yorky Fri 19-Oct-12 15:48:55

I don't sad
watching this space for tips

I'd probably stay nearer the top if I spent less time on MN

jenduck Fri 19-Oct-12 18:32:35

It really depends how old your pre-schooler is. I have DS1 who is 3.10 & DS2 who is 1.6. I work 1 long day per week (12 hours+) and am home with them the other 4 days. DS1 goes to pre-school for 3 hours each morning during termtime, although by the time I drop him off & fetch him, I have more like 2.5 hours without him there.

My main tip is to try & do things as you go along. So, if you are going upstairs eg to the loo, take something with you that needs putting away. For example I sort the clean washing into each person's pile & take 1 pile up with me & put away each time I go up. Takes 5 mins per pile rather than 20 mins altogether so seems more manangeable.

Along similar lines, if I am boiling the kettle for a cuppa, I empty/stack one half of the dishwasher whilst I wait for it to boil.

While the kids are in the bath, I clean the bathroom except for the bath which they are in.

If I have to pop out to the garage or to put bins out & don't want DS2 to escape, I put him in his highchair with In The Night Garden a book for 5 minutes.

If I want to do some sorting upstairs, I bring DSes up with me & DS1 plays in his room, while DS2 has a basket of toys at the top of the stairs which he likes to play with (stairgate firmly shut).

One final thing is that we get out of the house every single afternoon or day when DS1 is home, whatever the weather. It could be a walk to Tesco or a trip to the park or soft play, but I find it wears them out & keeps them happy. I am very lucky that both still nap around 1-1.5 hours, but I don't tend to do housework in this time, I consider it my break, as I am on my own with them for 12 hours most days & often more (DH in TV so very unpredictable hours when filming).

charlottehere Fri 19-Oct-12 18:40:01

Well I'm never completley on top of things. hmm I agree with jen, doing those things helps. Sometimes I just think sod alot atm, pregnant.

I have cleaners once week which is great for a few hours until DD1,2 and 3 get home, two days later the house is a shittip mess again. shock

Slatternismymiddlename Fri 19-Oct-12 20:49:08

I sympathise as I am in the same position. I have no hints but would say don't be too hard on yourself. The world doesn't end just because the housework is not done.

Personally I prefer to have one room tidied at a time rather than all the rooms a little bit done.

Whenisitmysleepytime Sat 20-Oct-12 07:52:17

I have ds 3.5yo and dd 1.5yo. They are both like mad puppies - they need exercising regularly! hmm

ATM dh works away mon- fri, I've been working mon and tues (finish next week) and we are trying to sell te house so everything must be clean and quickly tidy-able at all times.

It's bloody exhausting. BUT these are my tips I've learnt so far.

Empty dishwasher before bed so you can stack as you go the next day. Kitchen is tidier this way and evening clear up takes less time.
Have a home for everything and make sure it goes back there when you're done with it.
Try putting stuff in the loft etc and see if you miss it. If you don't then it can be got rid of.
Have a routine for changing beds on x day so you can manage washing mountain. I need to deal with dh's stuff on a Friday so he can re-pack it on Sunday so I have to stay on top of things. We don't have a tumble drier so I put stuff on the airer as soon as I can. Then I fold it into a pile for each of us and put it away that night. I can now put the dc's laundry away while they're sleeping! smile
On a Saturday while dd is swimming with dh I run round with Hoover (it usually busiest day for viewings) and ds watches tv. I'll also dust/ properly clean bathroom then too.

It really helped that my mum came to help tidy/ clear/ deep clean when we put the house on the market.

I will be SO glad when I can slack off the cleaning and the house is sold! grin

Camelsshouldnteatcrisps Sun 21-Oct-12 15:42:57

lots of washing up to do
I did everything within in my power to get a dishwasher, before I had one though I put loads of mugs and plates and things in a box under the stairs, people (me included) we just using items until the last one was dirty. With less items to use there was less washing up!

dry clothes washing waiting to be put away
I use these plastic trugs, I get mine from the garden centre. I have one each of these for me and all of the DC's, a different colour each. Dry washing is sorted into these (folded or thrown depending on how much time I have), I can then plonk the tubs in their bedrooms and get around to putting the things away a bit later. At least this way I know where stuff is if I need it.
I am also a non-ironer.

washing on airers getting dry
Luckily I have a dehumidifier and a tumble dryer, i tumble everything i can get away with and would probably be more lost without this than the dishwasher.

washing in laundry baskets waiting to be washed
I have 1 huge basket and 1 small basket and do a load a day at least. The huge basket has everyone's clothes, the small basket has delicates.

piles of paperwork
I go for paperless bills on everything. I am trying to get around to having my bank statements stopped as well. For stuff I have to keep I have a 1-30 box file thing with drop folders and an index. The rest of the stuff is on a shelf inside something like this. Every now and again I sit down in front of some rubbish TV and have a big sort out. Most urgent to do stuff is put all in the same place and I write a reminder on the calendar to do it.

The house still gets all messy though but it's better than it was!

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