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Stepping our way through Autumn old and new steppers welcome

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BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 10:41:43

Hi all, I have been absent for a little while. Don't know about you but I could do with a new thread --for a kick up the bum--

All welcome. smile

Just jump in where you are, this thread is about doing a little at a time to step our way towards organisation and a clean tidy home.

Visit flylady for inspiration (will link in a mo)

No hard and fast rules here just a bit of motivation required!! grin

Anyone want to join?

AdoraJingleBells Fri 07-Dec-12 15:26:09

I could use a duvet day!

I'm doing basil. The dogs are behaving, but some bugger forced the gate open over night and let them out. The little escapologist was on a long chain, they unclipped her. 3 of them are still missing, I've been out looking twice on foot and once in the car.

bessie26 Fri 07-Dec-12 13:37:22


Enjoy your duvet day scout & hope your dogs behave themselves adora! What seedlings are you doing?

The decluttering went well this week, so have been able to move a few things around to start making space in the dining room for Xmas lunch. We went out to buy a few prezzies this morning, have just vacuumed downstairs & am about to do some baking while DD2 naps.

Scout19075 Fri 07-Dec-12 12:01:08

Just a general ARGH.

We're having a Duvet/PJ day. SB and I have had a very busy and hectic week and the weather outside is crap (freezing rain is just horrid) so we're staying in, cleaning, playing, making Christmas decorations, watching television, etc.

I've done lots of little things today:
emptied the carrier bag of recipe books & magazines
put said books & magazines on the shelves
washed up
put dinner in the slow cooker
a bit of flinging
put the new teaching & craft books away

I've done more but I'm not following a to do list today (that's my "duvet day treat" to myself since I'm dressed) so honestly can't remember.

SB has pulled out his drawer for today and found another chocolate mouse so he was quite happy (his advent calendar is a wooden train with little drawers and every night I put a chocolate mouse, one of his favourite special treats, into the drawer for the next day. I haven't been putting more than one day in a time just in case he gets ideas. Yesterday we made a (foam) Christmas train and today we colored some Santas and SB said he'd like to make more decorations so I need to get my books/ideas out tonight to see what else we can make.

AdoraJingleBells Fri 07-Dec-12 11:22:30

Anything in particular Scout, or just a general ARGH!!!?

My morning routine is done
DW needs sorting
Towels and underwear need putting away
Carpets need vacuuming
Bathrooms needs another S&S, they got a proper clean yesterday.and the kitchen sink got shined.
Seedlings need sorting out
Yesterday's ice-blocks need sorting out.

I best get on with it, eh?

How's everyone else doing?

Scout19075 Fri 07-Dec-12 11:03:26


AdoraJingleBells Tue 04-Dec-12 01:13:22

So, dogs escaped, bloody Houdini has learned how to jump the wall and open the gate just enough for the other three to follow her, quite the leader she isangry. This was between me getting home with DDs and OH returning. I'd reluctantly left them chained up for the school run having retrieved her from atop the 6 foot high pillar earlier today.

After tracking down said dogs with OH I did dinner and sat down with a vino. Have tidied away, OH did DW again, bless him, and fed errent dogs, so in the morning I just need to assemble packed lunches and do breakfast. I have a headache, DDs both have headaches, it's this cold thing, we will survive.

Scout19075 Mon 03-Dec-12 21:59:17

MrScout went off yesterday and SB & I returned home this afternoon (stopped by my in-laws after dropping MrScout off so I could collect the last of our suitcases from our family trip). My house is a tip but I've half-filled the recycling bin this evening since SB has been in bed.

AdoraJingleBells Mon 03-Dec-12 13:39:14

Sounds like you've done really well Bessie

Our tree went up yesterday, DDs decorated it but still need OH to put the angel on the top branch. They are aghast at us wanting to get rid of the spare tree, but it's gotta go, along with a lot of other things.

This morning I'm trying to find some energy doing a general tidy up to keep the place looking passable. DW needs emptying, kitchen needs a quick wipe round and DDs laundry needs putting in the linen baskets, they did make their beds, after a fashion, before leaving for school and bathrooms needs S&Sing. With OH back I'm not charging around organising dogs, DDs, myself and school run etc, etc.

Cats baby steps, you'll get there, take care.

<leaves coffee and banana cake for elevensies>

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Mon 03-Dec-12 06:14:21

Well done bessie on your decluttering!

I think we are at home for Christmas. We have the tree up and decorated. smile
My plans for today are: get DC up and ready for school, find vouchers and go food shopping then if I feel up to it some decluttering and washing.
Still taking things slow here but trying my best to stay on top of it all.

bessie26 Sun 02-Dec-12 23:09:01

<waves at scout>

I sold the double bed cluttering up our spare room today, got DH to return a few baby toys we were loaned (bumbo etc), have a local charity coming round tomorrow to pick up some gates (they can apparently get money for scrap metal), the council are coming round on weds to pick up the mattress & an old wardrobe from the garage on weds & I have sorted out a load of baby toys to sell<sniff> either via the for sale board at work, or through a local 2nd hand shop.

Operation "make the dining room usable by xmas" is in full swing! grin

We're having a slow start to xmas. I got the xmas-themed books out today & had "smooth xmas" on the radio for most of the morning. Off to an xmas market tomorrow afternoon, but the tree won't go up until next weekend.

What are you all doing for xmas? we have family coming here, so I am experimenting with recipes atm!

AdoraJingleBells Sun 02-Dec-12 20:18:13

Been out, DDs have finished their xmas shopping, OH got a new pair of casual shoes. he also emptied the DW and brought me coffee in bed. WM is on it's third go and DDs are now glued to TV. we still plan to put the xmas tree up, and I bought string so I could do the xmas puddings, but it's not looking likely. didn't even get the banana cake done yesterday. I'm going get started on that, and some chic chip cookies, then sort dinner, then sarnies for school tomorrow. 1 more load for the WM and then I shall sit down with a glass of wine and some of the cookies.

AdoraJingleBells Sat 01-Dec-12 15:33:22

I didn't get the Xmas puddings done, no string, if I remember to buy some today I'll make them tomorrow.

Not a lot needs to be done today, bit of general tidying and making banana cake. DDs are about to plant their peach stones, once I get off MN blush, and another coffee is in order, methinks

Scout19075 Fri 30-Nov-12 19:34:27

For the second night in a row SmallBoy fell asleep on my lap during his bedtime stories. Awwww.

I will really start flying properly on Monday but for the weekend we're going to do a bit of shopping, I'll do the groceries for the week (so I don't have to do a full shop on my own with SB while MrScout is away) and work on unpacking what we brought home with us (the rest is at the inlaws and will be collected on the way home from dropping MrScout off at Heathrow).

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 30-Nov-12 19:23:07

I think it's getting near wine o ' clock --I already having one-- Must put the DC up to bed!!

AdoraJingleBells Fri 30-Nov-12 19:11:02

Christmas tree sounds like a good plan for the weekend Cats
We might get ours out too. I've been and had the car cleaned, OH is a tad obsessed with shiny cars and he knows I don't "do" cars. Picked up a load of cleaning products and bits for Xmas on offer to better use if the 60 odd KM round trip. I shouldn't need to go next week now. Currently waiting for DCs to come out of school.

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 30-Nov-12 15:52:08

Welcome back Scout,

I am quite tired but I need to try and start "getting back to normal" It's gonna take a while but you have to start somewhere and I guess tomorrow being the first of the month is a good time to start.

We are thinking about clearing out the Christmas tree corner and putting that up this weekend.

DD is still full of beans and up to mischief. hmm She is into climbing onto the top of the armchair at the mo shock. DH has just distracted her by putting her programmes on telly wink

AdoraJingleBells Fri 30-Nov-12 14:10:58

Well happy belated birthday to Small Boy Scout

I hope your vacation was great. My OH is travelling much more for work now too, back tomorrow. I'm just getting a few things done today, WM is on maintenance wash and I've just wiped the leather sofa, looks white again. I only did it this time as DD2 put extremley grubby feet on it and wriggled around to grind the dirt in properly usually the sofa is OH's to clean. I spent 5 years trying to put him off white sofas. Later I plan to make the Christmas pudding(s)

Scout19075 Fri 30-Nov-12 12:42:56



I'm okay, Adora, still a bit jet lagged mostly because SmallBoy is still struggling so I'm up (or down) with him.

Toddler became SmallBoyScout (or SmallBoy or SB) when he turned three. He's not small, either, at 39+ inches at three but he's still little/my baby.

MrScout went to the US for work, came home for a few days then went off with us for our 2 1/2 week trip. We've been home two days and he's off to the US for work again (different part of the country than the previous work trip and our vacation) on Sunday for another week. I'm hoping to start flying properly again while he's away.

AdoraJingleBells Fri 30-Nov-12 12:34:51

Hi Scout how are you doing?

Scout19075 Fri 30-Nov-12 12:21:01

<<Peaks around the corner>>

Can I come back?

AdoraJingleBells Thu 29-Nov-12 15:34:55

Aw Cats I'm sorry you're feeling so low, but it's great that you are getting some help. Counselling doesn't mean you've done something wrong, don't be embarrassed about it, or worried. It really can help, good luck with it.

I'm still trying to shake off this cold, can't breath well even with euculiptus oil stuffed up me nose on a tissue. So, after returning from school run and feeding the dogs I've managed to have breakfast and spend far too long MNinggrin. I just folded clean towels but I'm not looking forward to walking up the stairs with them. It's pathetic really, now I'm sneezing, again. Recycling has built up, and up, through the week, must get rid of it. I need to go out later, buy yet another book for school.

Cats are you getting ready for Xmas, how's that going?

<leaves fresh choc chip cookies, just in case Zoo is lurking wink>

BlackCatinadarkcloud Thu 29-Nov-12 06:21:59

Gonna get a coffee and a shower in a bit to see if that will help. Had so much bad luck this year! sad

BlackCatinadarkcloud Thu 29-Nov-12 06:20:21

I'm not great at the mo. sad seen HV and she phoned GP cause I was down etc, so I had to see him and he has referred me to counselling. I feel a bit lost for words really. I will try to lurk on and off on this thread just to keep up with what you all doing.

AdoraJingleBells Wed 28-Nov-12 13:45:28

Bessie I hope all of you feel better very soon. I haven't been sleeping much but can't blame it on DDs, they've been sleeping like babies envy, it's all down to this cold. I am on the mend at last I think I had a fever last time I posted.

Ta Dah's hardly worth mentioning

Morning routine
Back home
My breakfast
Fed dogs
Sorted laundry
DW on, 2 more loads waiting
Cleared away breakfast things and put DW on, wasn't enough last night to run it.
Made another coffee
Came to a grinding halt.

I really need to clean the sofa, white leather - not my idea- and DDs have had grubby feet on it. OH has fancy leather wipes for his baby the car, I'll use those.

Cats how are things going now, how is your mum?

Zoo any more progress with Zoolets?

bessie26 Wed 28-Nov-12 06:23:11

I have a horrible cold too adora. DD1 has an ear infection & DD2 must be coming down with something as she has been up every hour or two throughout the night <yawn>

Hope you are ok cats& glad DS hasn't got long to wait for his apt zoo

I finally got round to putting the double bed in DD2s room on the for-sale board at work yesterday, need to get more stuff on there soon. We finally made the ikea cupboard at the weekend & I have filled it with stuff! Just need to get rid of the old cupboard now & I can start trying to clear the room ready for Xmas!!

I left work 20min early yesterday because a carpenter was supposed to be coming round (I want some shelves put in my built in wardrobe), but he cancelled, so I cleaned the bathroom instead!

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