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Mouldy shower curtain

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kimberlina Sun 14-Oct-12 21:29:56

How do I get it clean?

A 40 degree wash has done nothing.

dizzy77 Sun 14-Oct-12 21:33:16

Oh. I was about to suggest a 40c wash as it usually brings mine up well. I add a couple of towels to rub against it and oxygen bleach. I've done this with both fabric & plastic ones. Not sure what else to try if this doesn't work.

Mum2Fergus Sun 14-Oct-12 22:08:30

Fill sink with bleach/water mixture and soak curtain overnight?

comixminx Sun 14-Oct-12 22:27:45

HG mould remover:

kimberlina Sun 14-Oct-12 23:09:31

not tried with towels or oxygen bleach. Just put it in on its own.

Failing that will try bleach soak or lakeland product. Thanks

crunchingautumnleaves Mon 15-Oct-12 04:54:03

After trying several things with other fabrics that have gone mouldy, my new wonder treatment is an overnight soaking in a bucket of water with tea tree oil in it (kills all moulds and gets rid of the smell). Then scrub off the mould with a firm brush - a washing up brush may do the trick. Rinse. Put in washing machine for normal wash.

Anste Mon 15-Oct-12 05:53:10

When it's sorted (or when you decide on a new one) buy a very cheap white or clear shower curtain and line the good one and put he two up together. Put the cheap one in the bath, leave the good one outside the bath and hey presto. Replace the cheap one as often as you like. Hope this makes sense!

crunchingautumnleaves Mon 15-Oct-12 12:28:32

Just to add, tea tree in water won't ruin colours if it's not white (bleach may well do). When it's sorted, make sure you wash shower curtain regularly (at least monthly).

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