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Bosch appliances - query - help!!!

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Rattitude Thu 11-Oct-12 22:21:21

Quick question about Bosch appliances' reference numbers.

We are in the process of fitting a new kitchen. We had ordered two specific Bosch appliances (oven and dishwasher) but two other Bosch appliances have been delivered and fitted before we realised there was an issue.

The kitchen fitter assures us that they are as good or better than the ones we had ordered.... Yeah right! The appliances seem genuine but we cannot find the reference numbers on the Bosch website, although we can find them being referenced by other suppliers.

Does anybody know in which circumstances Bosch or another appliance manufacturer might produce appliances that are not listed on their official catalogue?

(This is relating to a delivery of Bosch appliances in France but I assume the discrepancy might not be specific to this country only).

I will be very grateful if anybody can shed any light.

The kitchen fitting has been a nightmare so our preferred option would be to accept these appliances as long as they are not obsolete, etc.

gardeningsarah Thu 11-Oct-12 22:46:08

Could they be siemens appliances as I believe they are one and same. I was going to have a bosch integrated dishwasher but the siemens one which is identical was £10 cheaper, it just has a different reference/style number.

PigletJohn Thu 11-Oct-12 22:54:20

it is very common for big chains to order a thousand of model XYZ1234567GB, but to be marked XYZ12345699GB, just so they can say "special purchase!" "exclusive to us" or "we guarantee to beat any other price" (since no-one else sells it).

Siemens machines are sometimes (not always) identical but have the Siemens name on the badge and packaging.

You ought to google the model number, or phone Bosch, to see if they are last-years model (which should be about 20% cheaper)

Rattitude Thu 11-Oct-12 23:40:38

Thanks to you both. My money was on PigletJohn to be roaming around the Good Housekeeping section even at this late hour. smile

They are definitely marked as Bosch. I have emailed Bosch and tweeted them too. I will probably call them in the morning too to try and find out what these appliances are.

Two other suppliers sell them and they are about 100 euros cheaper in each case.

I will report back if I have any info. I am fuming though: it is my Mum's kitchen and I think they were trying to take advantage of an old person. angry

Rattitude Sun 14-Oct-12 08:03:46

I called Bosch customer service and talked to a (very condescending) person. She assured me that the two appliances were in the 2012 Bosch catalogue. They actually are... but only in the paper version, not in the online .pdf one. That's why I could not find them.

One of the appliances was actually cheaper than the original one we had ordered, so we were definitely given an inferior model. I have pointed this out to the guy from the kitchen company, who was reasonably apologetic and we are getting a commensurate discount.

This new kitchen has been a nightmare of frustrations and disappointment, and it is not completed yet so there is still scope for more pain. I will have to add my thoughts to the kitchen thread at some stage. grin

Thanks to you both once again for your help and recommendations.

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