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Chimney Sweep Exeter Devon

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Tam9 Wed 10-Oct-12 19:07:35

I hvae just mooved to Devon and needed a chimney sweep and found in general their attitude was 'we are busy you should have got me in the summer', Is this true where you live. I eventually found a nice chap who was a breath of fresh air and did an excellent job for a good price.

whats it like where you live, was I just unlucky to start with untill I got one that wanted to look after his customers

TirednessKills Thu 11-Oct-12 14:23:56

I'm close to Devon, had no problem finding a sweep confused

TirednessKills Thu 11-Oct-12 14:26:18

Tam, this being your first post makes me wonder whether you've just registered to promote yourself a sweep hmm

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