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Are you a 50s throwback SAHM w toddler? I want your tips

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RillaBlythe Thu 04-Oct-12 14:44:06

Reading another thread today there were lots of super women who run a house single handed with one arm behind their back & two babies on their hip. I am looking to hear from you smile

When & how do you clean? Today dd2 napped for 1.5 hrs, I cleared away lunch, hung out the washing, did my prep for supper, swept the floor & sent two emails. Then she woke up. So that is pretty much that!

RillaBlythe Thu 04-Oct-12 14:45:31

Argh & she just posted too soon for me!

So I can manage the day to day life stuff, but I never seem to fit in any extra - like cleaning the bathroom, never mind the windows, or the dusting. Fortunately we quit ironing some years ago.

javotte Thu 04-Oct-12 16:51:13

I can only offer sympathy! DD is 3 and stopped napping 6 months ago. DS is homeschooled. I feel that as a SAHM I should have a pristine house, and it is always messy.
How old is your DD? Could she play for a little while on the kitchen floor while you're cleaning / cooking?

Rockchick1984 Fri 05-Oct-12 12:20:38

I'm definitely not a supermum type, but DS is now 18 months and I've found the easiest way is to get into a proper routine each day, and let DS "help" with the jobs I'm doing or watch cbeebees smile

Our day usually is up and dressed before DH leaves so I can do this in peace and not have DS trying to eat my lipstick. Mornings are spent in the house so we will usually have breakfast, play together for a while, then I get some jobs done in the house, like unloading the dishwasher, dusting etc. DS loves to help with this, so I give him a duster and he uses his toy brush for the kitchen floor (only once I've done it obviously!). Before DS goes for his nap, I have a quick clear of the floor and run the vacuum round.

When DS naps, I do most of my chores. I use homeroutines app on my phone so Monday's are stripping the beds each week, Tuesday's are deep clean of bathroom etc. I also prep as much as I can in advance for that evening's meal to save a job for later. This way I'm never doing an un-manageable amount - each day's jobs take maybe 30 mins so I get time to sit and chill with a brew as well before DS wakes up. I try and prepare lunch before DS wakes too, but if he has a slightly shorter nap it's not always ready.

Afternoons we always go out. Some days we go to meet friends, we tend to do soft play or to people's houses on these days. We may go to the supermarket and local butchers and grocers, I am keen for DS to learn food doesn't only come from Tesco grin or we have one day a week where we go to an organised group. If no plans we tend to go to the park or just for a walk together, even if the weather isn't too nice we wrap up well and put our wellies on and go out splashing in puddles!

We always get home by about 4.30 and I make DS's tea (usually whatever me and DH had the previous evening). He eats, and then we tidy round together. He puts his toys away, I make sure the house looks presentable, and then we start his bedtime routine.

DH isn't home from work until after DS is asleep so I tend to have a rest before starting the tea for me and DH. Evenings are my turn to relax, DH always clears the kitchen and loads the dishwasher after tea. I put a washload on at bedtime so I can quickly unload it the next morning.

Sounds far more complicates than it actually is grin but means I still get time to stop and breathe for a few minutes each day, I used to feel like either I was a good mum and the house was a mess, or the house was ok but DS was bored as I was always cleaning! Honestly, homeroutines is fabulous, and you get a gold star each time you tick something off your list <<easily pleased>>

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