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How long can I keep chicken stock in fridge before using?

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Liveinthepresent Wed 03-Oct-12 06:51:47

Not sure this is right section - but hope someone can help.

Made the stock but now realised not sure when it will get used - been in fridge since Monday night. Can freeze I guess?

crunchingautumnleaves Wed 03-Oct-12 09:04:33

Just found this useful looking website: Still Tasty. According to that 3-4 days in fridge if it was refrigerated within 2 hours of cooking in something covered. And yes, you can freeze but I'd do it straight away. Don't leave it any longer. Guidance on the same weblink on how to store in freezer.

Liveinthepresent Wed 03-Oct-12 15:30:42

Thanks so much - better get it in freezer pronto..

Liveinthepresent Wed 03-Oct-12 15:31:27

Good website - might download the app!

crunchingautumnleaves Wed 03-Oct-12 17:21:38

Yes, can't believe I haven't come across the website before, so thanks for asking your question smile

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