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Autumn organisation for slatterns old and new with support/advice and mugs of tea

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HalfMumHalfBiscuit Mon 01-Oct-12 09:38:02

I thought it was time for a new Autumnal thread for all slatterns.

This thread is welcome to all who like to write lists or have loads of jobs to get done or if you need a kick up the bum for motivation. Also good for support with relationships, random advice on moths and birthday cakes!

We welcome new slatterns, post your lists here.

Back in a sec with my list.

Minichristmas Sat 22-Dec-12 13:09:58

JKS sorry, being selfish. Your poor chest. Tea tree on pillow, or lavender.

FestiveOrganisoid Sun 23-Dec-12 08:54:18

How are you feeling jks?

Mini hope your headache is gone. I had one for two days which I then realised was caffeine withdrawal as I had run out of normal tea and had just been drinking decaff!

Put last couple of bits in suitcase
Strip my bed
Wash my bedding
Last load of clothes?
Mop kitchen ( yea that has been on my list all week-gross)
Wash cat bowls
Wash out litter tray
Cram 2kids and carseats, two adults, three cats, big bag of food and two suitcases plus cat litter tray into a megane hmm

JKSLtd Sun 23-Dec-12 13:50:24

Good luck with packing Festive.

I'm the same, full of snot, horrid cough, esp in the mornings, all phlegmy (sp?). Nice.
Kids seem better though. Thinking I could do with taking something, like some kind of vitamin boost or something to give my body a chance to get better.

Rest of today:
- Wii time with DS1 Started
- laundry; Wm on, need to do some ironing & putting away too
- all out for a Chinese
- DC bath & bed
- tv, wine & bed for the rest of us

- family tree (scanning in old certs & photos & email contact); Dug out files to start again; Fiddling about with it a bit atm
- buy frames to hang on the wall & hang up as many photos as poss; need some sizes; get sizes into phone for TKMaxx trip
- sort wills; nudge DH to see what he wants to do
- clear out of the top of my desk
- kids photos albums; upload onto Snapfish; order printouts; put in albums. Step 1; sort all photos on iPhoto Doing
- try and sell unwanted light & cosmetic sets & extra slippers; eBay?/give away/charity/etc
- buy some pants for DD (!), and new vests for DS1 & DD DONE

- find out if younger brother might be coming; here until tomorrow
- post DC photo calendar to PIL (no rush as they're away for weeks) Jan job
- battery lights up & new batteries in; 2 out of 3 Done
- more string up for DH work cards heap he's brought home today lots done need his help for last bit DONE
- maybe 'prettify' some presents with ribbon
- spare room ready for parents coming tomorrow DONE (& here now)
- Christmas Eve stuff; reindeer food, FC plate, stockings out
- last minute twitching shopping....
- poss visit to town for Christmas market <to help with twitch!>

Minichristmas Sun 23-Dec-12 17:48:27

My DH is the same jKS. Turrible chest hackin' an coffin, summat awful.
My headache is hanging on weirdly, over my right eye.
Maybe one final list tomorrow.

SlatternismyChristmasname Sun 23-Dec-12 19:34:15

I'm done! I'm free to put my feet up (well, once I have tidied up after the party). Christmas here I come! grin

Hope you got packed up Festive.

JKS, get some Guinness in you, it's the best tonic (I've never drunk it myself but so I'm told).

Mini, I await your final list in anticipation........

If I don't see you all tomorrow - HAPPY CHRISTMAS smile

Minichristmas Mon 24-Dec-12 08:45:22

Morning. Happy Christmas Eve to all. My headache is subsiding, hooray.
I am going to attempt a trip to the shops this morning. But it has rained aaaalllll night and I fear flooding, so it may be the long way round. At least my car is a bit higher than my poor drowned one.
JKS: I recommend vit C with zinc, echinacea, beta glucan. Get DH to rub your chest wink

clear desk < is really a table and needed>
Hoover up
Stack wood
Get ready for Christmas dinner <Work>
Cards for friends
Glass of sherry
And ....relax

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Mon 24-Dec-12 11:01:44

JKS - I have sent stuff to accountant. Bob Cratchet will have Xmas afterall! grin
The Nigella thingy was her Panforte, an italian Xmas cakey thing that tastes like xmassy nougat with loads of nuts in. Rather nice. Have given some to friends.

Work this am
Get book for me
Xmas card to friend
Ice scating???
Prepare veg - roast veg/sprouts
Make trifle
DH to build fairy castle
Wrap presents

Xmas No-Panic List
Send stuff to accountant! IMPORTANT DONE
Buy pics of DD DONE need to pay
Xmas Decorations - DONE
Buy - DD dolls DONE
Deliver card to S

Xmas General Organisation
Ice Xmas cake DONE
Make Nigella thingy - Put it back in the oven and it seems OK.

Ongoing list
Pay accountant £20 why?
Check life insurance policies

JKSLtd Mon 24-Dec-12 11:03:40

Happy Christmas Eve smile

I may look into vitamins next time I'm in the chemist, some sort of boost is required I think.

Stayed up late with brother & drank too much, but we don't get to do it often so I don't mind being knackered.
He's headed off to Ireland to see his GF, so just us 5 + my parents.

Think we're nearly ready!

- battery lights up & new batteries in; 2 out of 3 Done
- maybe 'prettify' some presents with ribbon?
- Christmas Eve stuff; reindeer food, FC plate, stockings out; Stockings ready, sign for FC done
- last minute twitching shopping....
- poss visit to town for Christmas market <to help with twitch!>
- DH last food shopping round the corner Doing

JKSLtd Mon 24-Dec-12 11:05:42

x-post HMHB, well done!!
Make sure your DH has plenty of time and alcohol with the castle building, they always take longer than you plan for!

- battery lights up & new batteries in; 2 out of 3 Done
- maybe 'prettify' some presents with ribbon?
- Christmas Eve stuff; reindeer food, FC plate, stockings out; Stockings ready, sign for FC done
- last minute twitching shopping....
- poss visit to town for Christmas market <to help with twitch!>
- DH last food shopping round the corner Doing
- try and move presents downstairs during the day into DH's office
Once DC in bed:
- presents under tree
- fill stockings & creep in to place
- don't stay up too late or drink too much!

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Tue 25-Dec-12 19:33:21

Happy Christmas to all you lovely slatterns. I hope the list making paid off. Dcs to bed shortly. . .wink

SlatternismyChristmasname Thu 27-Dec-12 13:59:40

Happy Boxing Day + 1!

Can anybody raise their head above the parapet of presents, wrapping paper and cardboard?

Are we officially list avoiding until the new year? smile

JKSLtd Thu 27-Dec-12 20:32:05

Happy Christmas to you all too.

My parents are off to see my DSis in France tomorrow - so then I can get on with tackling the post-xmas jobs.

Twitching to get the decs down again and tidied away, though no-one else in this house agrees with me!
Plus all the new stuff needs to be found homes, some old stuff needs to be cleared away, etc etc.

LollipopViolet Fri 28-Dec-12 12:04:54

I'm working through a list - but it's a smaller one than before so I might actually have a hope of finishing today! grin

Get up, washed and dressed - done
Sort chest of drawers, throw out old clothes etc - in progress
Sort top of said chest of drawers
Begin sorting bed/desk
Paint nails <vain>
Sew grade 3 Skate UK badge onto skating hoodie

JKSLtd Fri 28-Dec-12 16:41:24

Parents have left, everything feels much calmer now. DH did some tidying & hoovering earlier )shock!) so the living room feels civilised again.

I've started gathering (& culling) Christmas tat but not quite got the oomph for doing everything/taking everything down yet.

Anyone else just not up to much atm? we have nothing written on our family diary on the fridge for this whole week. Thinking we should have organised something for NYE just to have something to focus on.

rest of today:
- tea x 5 & tidy kitchen
- move any Christmas stuff to spare room for proper packing
- DC bath & bed
- tv & an early night (up early with DS2 again)

- family tree (scanning in old certs & photos & email contacts)
- buy pcitures frames to hang on the wall & hang up as many photos as poss; get sizes into phone for TKMaxx
- sort wills; nudge DH
- sort out my desk
- kids photos albums; upload onto Snapfish; order printouts; put in albums. Step 1; sort all photos on iPhoto
- sell/give away pile of unwanted stuff
- sort out & pack away Christmas stuff & into loft
- make 'exit' pile of unwanted Christmas stuff; Started
- DD's bday presents away to loft
- decide on Spring Cleaning strategy; mostly want to get rid of stuff!
- decide on New Year's Resolutions

Minichristmas Fri 28-Dec-12 17:32:52

Hiya, I have DD2 staying with her DH and DGD2, so house pretty full, weather horrid and everyone knackered, so lots of lolling around. HMHB (my DD1) arriving tomorrow with her family, so all change. Chrimbo decs have to stay.

SlatternismyChristmasname Fri 28-Dec-12 19:53:59

It is hard to get motivated after all the frenzy of activity that was Christmas. The Slattern household has been infected by the lurgy - otherwise known as 'the cold', ( I do like a touch of drama).

So far have managed to integrate DD's new toys - a monumental job as it was her birthday just before Christmas and hers is the smallest bedroom.

Tomorrow's list

Bit of ironing
DS's toys
Menu plan

FestiveOrganisoid Sun 30-Dec-12 12:14:14

Hello all.
Hope you all had a lovely christmas.
We were at my parents for Christmas and I had asked dm if they could have the dc for NYE for me. She said yes then asked if she could keep the dc until then (I came home on Thursday). The dc begged to stay so have been without them since Thursday afternoon sad.

On the plus side it means I have got all the xmas stuff back into the loft, have sorted and rearranged some toys and rearranged a bit of furniture. I have also had the opportunity to do some of my coursework but have barely done any blush. Have mostly been at bfs house which has been good practise for when we go on holiday together at Easter (as has being without the dc for so long)

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Tue 01-Jan-13 20:39:07

Happy new year slatterns. smile

Back to work tomorrow so avoiding lists for now. May 2013 be good to all slatterns.

Minimammoth Wed 02-Jan-13 07:55:15

HNY everyone < lazy>.
Small list
Food shop
Organisational think
Decs down

2013 list
Decorate kitchen, hall and stairs, bedroom1.
Rethink garden
Make DH take more holidays

Bracing self to look in office. Hope everyone survived Christmas and new year celebrations.

SlatternismyChristmasname Wed 02-Jan-13 19:55:17

Happy New Year

I am currently sitting in a midden - how did it happen?? Mmmmm, something about taking eye off the ball for a few days.

Did supermarket shop this morning, than spent this afternoon cooking. I have made blogonese sauce, chilli, cottage pie, leek and potato soup, veg pasta sauce and fish pie. I wish I felt virtuous but the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it and the rest if the house has been done over by the kids!

JKSLtd Thu 03-Jan-13 11:07:45

Basics are okay here but I'm feelig the urge to get clearing out of everything! STarting with kids clothes, books & toys.

Got a friend of ds1 for our very first sleepover tonight - any tips?!

SlatternismyChristmasname Thu 03-Jan-13 15:47:08

JKS - between family members and friends I have had a few sleep overs.

In relation to play I tend to let them get on with it rather than play with them as they have enough imagination to come up with their own games, rather than force my entertainment on them.
A bit of TV before bedtime calms everyone down.
Don't expect anyone to go to sleep at a 'normal' time as they will be excited and, no doubt, chittering like magpies.
Lastly, make sure you wear pj's/nightie yourself to bed incase you get a midnight visitor!

JKSLtd Thu 03-Jan-13 16:25:50

So far they've played too much Wii so I kicked them into the garden before it got dark for some fresh air.
They are now upstairs 'sorting out their bedroom' ie playing with the cuddly toysgrin
Still little boys really.
Luckily they are having the spare room tonight so the other dc can stick to normal timings.

FestiveOrganisoid Thu 03-Jan-13 19:05:43

Todays dones
Clean bf's kitchen (why???)
Take all old/rusty/too small/broken scooters/bikes/play kitchen to tip (cleared out shed yesterday- was a massive area of doom)
Pick up parcel
Go to primark to try and buy cheap jeans for work
Wander around a few other shops
Buy some yummy bits from m&s
Order dcs new scooters
Cook dinner
Online grocery shop
Check bank account online

JKSLtd Thu 03-Jan-13 20:50:43

Festive - well done on what sounds like a mammoth shed clearing job!

Well, both big boys are asleep with the turtle/star light on by 8.30 shock

Hopefully they'll both sleep well.

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