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Steam mops

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Biscuitsandtea Sun 23-Sep-12 19:20:32

I'm thinking of getting one of those steam mop things and wondered if anyone had any advice / experience / thoughts?

We have laminate floor throughout downstairs and I just really struggle to keep on top of sweeping and mopping it (I have ds1 who has just turned 4 and ds2 who is 6 months so really don't get a lot of cleaning done blush).

Soooooo, I figure I would still need to sweep before mopping but would it make it quicker / easier to mop? I struggle to mop with ds1 around as the resulting wet floor with him racing around is an accident waiting to happen. My floor seems to take forever to dry hmm. I think it would be quicker as the steam mop would dry more quickly?

So I was looking at something like this Lakeland one or I have also seen this one which purports to Steam AND sweep.

In particular has anyone heard anything about this steam and sweep thing? Does it do what it says on the tin?

Thank you smile

Fuchzia Sun 23-Sep-12 19:33:50

I've just got the Lakeland one and I do mop more as a result. No faffing with buckets and waiting for it to dry. I hoover then run the mop round. There's a warning on it that it mustn't be used on unsealed laminate flooring, no idea if mine is sealed or not but it hasn't proved to be a problem.

I now put a couple of drops of essential oil on the mop head for a nice lavender smell.

Biscuitsandtea Mon 24-Sep-12 18:00:48

Hmmm, I've just been reading reviews of the steam and sweep and they are really divided. Half the people says its awesome and does collect the dust and mop really well and others say it has a rubbish sweep performance, so that doesn't help at all. How can half the people think its great and half hate it. It's not marmite hmm

Does hoovering laminate floors actually get rid of the dust bunnies that haunt me?

I really need to resolve the sweeping think I think? Any tips for an easy way to sweep them without just moving the dust around?

I really hate cleaning blush

Biscuitsandtea Mon 24-Sep-12 18:01:29

Sounds like the Lakeland mop is good though. So that's handy - just need to sort out the best way to sweep first confused

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