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Cleaner question

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Nevercan Sun 23-Sep-12 18:24:20

Hi I have recently asked a cleaner to come around and she did 2 hours worth of work. She didn't manage to clean the whole house but I am not sure if it feasible in this time or she needs longer. We have a 3 bed house with conservatory. She cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors downstairs, hoovered the house, cleaned downstairs bathroom and part of upstairs bathroom and dusted downstairs. Would 3 hours be more realistic to do clean everything - just not sure how to gauge it as I hoped the whole house would be sparkly.... Any advice would be appreciated. What does your cleaner do in the time he/she is at your house? Thanks

MoonlightandRoses Sun 23-Sep-12 22:36:00

I suppose it depends on:

Floor area
Tidiness (or otherwise) of house
If you'd asked to specifically focus on a particular room or type of cleaning.

Our house is a small three-bed (c.1,100sq.ft). Our cleaner comes in for about three-and-a-half hours once a week. In that time she:
Mops & vacuums downstairs;
cleans kitchen, downstairs W.C., upstairs bathroom;
mops landing;
vacuums all rooms upstairs;
empties drier;
dusts whole house.
Sometimes she'll decide a more surface clean is sufficient and maybe clean the fridge / oven or the windows in a couple of rooms instead.

So that's rather a long-winded way of saying two hours might be a bit short to get everything sparkly (and it is lovely to come home to sparkly smile ). Also, be clear as to what you want prioritised - that makes it much easier for her too.

tutu100 Sun 23-Sep-12 22:40:14

I think that what she's done sounds good for 2 hrs. I don't think she could have fitted anymore in (I'm thinking of what i can get done in my own house in 2 hrs). So I think she might need 3 hrs to get everything you want done.

Godlessdomestic Sun 23-Sep-12 22:40:46

Hi, I worked for a while as a cleaner and one of my jobs was a 3 bedroom house with en suite, family bathroom and downstairs loo. In 90 mins I would Hoover / dust upstairs, clean the family bathroom, clean the en suite (which was usually the hardest job), tidy and dust the dressing table in the main bedroom, polish all the mirrors (including the floor to ceiling wardrobe doors in two of the bedrooms), downstairs I'd Hoover and dust the living room, clean the en suite and hoover (moving all the furniture) and mop the granite floor which covered the hall/kitchen diner and en suite. If I had any time left I would wipe down any surfaces in the kitchen. That was after I got used to the house though and they were very tidy in most of the house.. It's never good to judge on a first visit, it should improve within a couple of visits.

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