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How do I clean the cloths/gloves that I use to clean the loo?

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HenriettaPootel Fri 21-Sep-12 14:17:34

After many years of using a loo brush only, I've finally realised that it just doesn't clean my loo properly (it's quite angular inside, and the brush just can't get in all the corners). So, I did the gloves and sponge thing, and it came up sparkling. But, how do you clean the gloves and sponge that you've used to clean the loo? I don't want to be too eco-unfriendly, but I don't know which is worse - buying new cloths every time, using loads of bleach, or running boil washes. And can you use any of those methods for gloves anyway? Any tips please?

hellymelly Fri 21-Sep-12 14:23:28

I need to scrub the inside of my loo as its getting a bit limescaley, like you my brush doesn't reach everywhere. TBH I would bin anything used on the inside of the loo. I keep old rags for bathroom cleaning and hot-wash them in eco bleach but for the inside of the loo I would bin them right away. Rubber gloves- have separate ones for nastier tasks and then keep them on and wash/scrub hands wearing them in very hot soapy water. I wouldn't bin them unless it was really vile. You could use a scourer that has been used for dishes but is at the end of its life, and then bin it as you would have anyway. Either an eco type or the green ones.

NoComparison Fri 21-Sep-12 14:34:58

I use Jay cloths, keep one for the loo only and bin it regularly. Gloves, I wash my hands with anti-bac soap, whilst wearing the gloves. Also only use those gloves for the loo.

NoComparison Fri 21-Sep-12 14:36:20

Helly, for limescale you just need to throw some vinegar down there on a regular(ish) basis

AMumInScotland Fri 21-Sep-12 14:49:07

I clean the bathroom wearing my washing-up gloves, finish with the toilet, and throw the gloves out when I'm done. Same with j-cloths, I just grab the one from the kitchen surface and throw it out after doing the bathroom with it. It seems a reasonable compromise between cleanliness and not being wasteful/un-green.

mrsbugsywugsy Fri 21-Sep-12 14:55:45

i chuck them. but i use old washing up ones which were ready for the bin anyway

NoComparison Fri 21-Sep-12 15:00:50

AMumInScotland. Does that mean you have new gloves approx once per week?

MarjorieAntrobus Fri 21-Sep-12 15:02:31

Wash the cloths at 60 degrees. The cloths are no worse than pants or towels, surely?

Keep the rubber gloves only for loo use. Replace occasionally.

mrsbugsywugsy Fri 21-Sep-12 16:02:29

mostly i just clean the loo with a loo brush. i only properly scrub it every few weeks.

PigletJohn Fri 21-Sep-12 16:54:39

if you use a sponge for bathroom cleaning (the washing-up sort with a scouring side are handy), after rinsing it out, put a squirt of WUL or other detergent cleaner on it, squeeze it to foam through and put aside to dry. Just rinse and squeeze out in hot water next time.

Even ordinary WUL will prevent bacterial growth and keep it fresh. Sponges dry faster and fester less than cloths. As we have a water softener stronger bathroom cleaners are not needed much.

You can actually do the same with flannels and a squirt of bath foam to keep them fresh e.g. when camping or in hospital.

PigletJohn Fri 21-Sep-12 16:57:17

btw Parazone Bleach Blocks (not Bloo) that you put in the cistern actually dissolve limescale. You will notice it first when the inside of the cistern gets clean, but it also cleans out the water channels round the top of the rim and improves the power of the flush. I don't know anything else that does this.

dimdommilpot Fri 21-Sep-12 21:29:42

My toilets get scrubbed once a week, i use a sponge from the kitchen that was going in the bin and then chick it. The gloves are only used down the loo and get replaced every so often.

dimdommilpot Fri 21-Sep-12 21:30:36

* chuck

hellymelly Fri 21-Sep-12 22:21:02

Am going to try vinegar and parazone (but not together! have a feeling that might be explosive or something...).

poppyboo Sun 23-Sep-12 08:33:42

I've been using disposable gloves from waitrose, I clean inside loo one handed with one glove , LOL, 40 gloves for about £4.00 chuck glove afterwards.

poppyboo Sun 23-Sep-12 08:34:19

...use washed jay cloths that have been used on kitchen surfaces, they get chucked too.

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